Best Airports in the World You Must Travel From

Airports have become a necessity in every country nowadays. Whether it is corporate travel or merely a friend or family trip, traveling in an airplane has become a need for people. While the aeronautical geeks work on developing faster and more efficient aircraft for human use and comfort, the airport management and authorities work on improving the entire infrastructure of the airport. 

So far, there has been immense development in airports around the world from the point where they started. While many airports have “upped” their game of improving to a considerable extent, there are certain airports that have risen to the occasion and come out as the best of the best. 

Here is a list of the airports that are considered among one of the best airports in the world, and they have a well-deserved reason for being at the spot that is dedicated to them. 

Hong Kong 

The governing bodies have understood the importance of Hong Kong as a tourist destination and hence decided to improve the standards of this famous airport for travelers. About 100 airlines fly operations are operated to 180 locations around the world in Hong Kong International Airport, including 44 routes in the Chinese mainland. He has received numerous Airports of the Year honors at the World Airport Honors. The World’s Best Dining Airport and World’s Best Immigration Airport Service were named as Hong Kong in 2019. By all this information, we can say that Hong Kong airport is among the best of best, and it does speak volumes and depicts an actual representation of what the city is like. 


Heathrow airport is one of the oldest and most historical in the world. The airport used by her Highness the Queen has had some fantastic changes from the past few years. London Heathrow Airport is the most famous airport in the United Kingdom and Europe’s largest passenger airport and was the busiest international passenger airport in the world. 2019 found Heathrow as the World’s Best Shopping Terminal and Western Europe’s Best Airport. The World’s Best Airport Terminal is called Terminal 5. Heathrow comprises of a world within itself because of the many shops. From basic shacks to Giorgio Armani, everything can be found at this amazing airport.


Tokyo is the current hub for business and innovation. Therefore, we can say that it is completely normal to have corporate travels with each passing day. With several business people and tourists traveling through this airport on a daily basis, the place has to be fantastic. Tokyo Narita Airport is the Japan Greater Tokyo City international airport. For the Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, Narita is an international hub. Narita was the second busiest airport in Japan as early as 2016. Narita has been named the best airport staff in the world in 2019 and the strongest in Asia for the airport. This pretty much sums up the whole of Japan; strong, disciplined, and beautiful. 

Munich Airport 

Much like its industry and tourism, Munich has been able to develop the airport to a complete commercial hub. Munich Airport is Germany’s second busiest airport and Lufthansa German Airlines ‘ main base. It is just like a town center that offers travelers and tourists with more than 150 retail stores and over 50 locations where you can eat and drink. The German Best Airport, the Central European Best Airport, and the Best Airport are selected as Munich’s Best 2019 passenger: 40-50 million. The layover can be spent pretty easily with all the stores and shops. It is obviously not that difficult to spend some time even during a layover. 


Japan ranks again in the list of the best airports in the world but now with the Central Japan Airport. The Central Japan International Airport in Nagoya, better called the center-rail, handled 9.8 million passengers in 2014. The airport has a significant percentage of international traffic, with several local routes to Asian cities. Helsinki, Helsinki, Honolulu, and Detroit have shorter travel paths. We can say that this is one of the busiest airports in the world. 

Changi Airport 

 Changi Airport is one of the best and most popular airports in the world seven times in a row. The airport gives a vibe of the lush green jungle with a civilized touch. Catering to millions of passengers every year, Changa jewel continues to grow with each year. 


Airports will continue to develop and advance with the passage of time, but these are the airports that are way ahead of time. If you are looking forward to having the best travel experience with one of the most developed and tech-oriented airports of all time consider traveling from these airports and experience the true taste of modernism. 

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