Best Books of 2020 that You Must Not Miss Reading

The year 2020 hasn’t been good to so many people because of the coronavirus pandemic. People all around the world are facing issues whether we talk in terms of health issues, business, money, and more. The covid pandemic has impacted almost all the industries, but the publishing industry is a complete exception. The publishing industry is growing at a rapid pace over time.

No doubt, it’s been hard for people to keep a hard copy of the newly published books, but advanced technology has made people read e-books. E-Books are the best alternative to hard copies of books as they save some shelf space, and you don’t need to carry heavy books while going somewhere. You can look for the Jarir Bookstore promo codes to help you get a discount.  

Readers who prefer to listen to audiobooks can also carry their best audiobooks while cleaning, traveling, and more. Some amazing writers have some of their talents and have introduced people to new reads. There is an abundance of books selected for TV or film rights, and obviously, you must be excited to read them before they are on screen.

Best Books of 2020

In this article, we will let you know some favorite books of 2020 of romance, literary fiction, mystery, memoir, historical fiction, and much more.


Dolly Alderton writes the book Ghosts. She is known for her book named “Everything I Know About Love.” Ghost is a story of a food writer named Nina Dean. She is a quiet loving, and successful woman in her 30s, which is the most complicated time of her life. A boy named Max expressed his feelings about her on a date and proposed that she marry him. She thinks it to be a perfect moment and time to be in a relationship. The novel Ghosts is all about the missed opportunities and life changes.

Limitless: The Autobiography

The novel Limitless: The Autobiography is a biography of an astronaut named Tim Peake, who has inspired many people by telling his fascinating story. The story of getting inspired and thinking to become an astronaut and whole journey to space. In this novel, Peake has told about his sacrifices to become an astronaut and the path of his dreams and new experiences.

A Life on Our Planet

The new book A Life on Our Planet is a writer by a British and Naturalist legend named David Attenborough. The book is all out the outlook of the world that depicts the reality of our planet slowly destructing. The harm that has been provided to Earth over decades is written in the book. A TV presenter talks about the wild places, biodiversity getting lost slowly but surely, and the situation in which the survival on Earth has become hard and at risk. Do you love reading? Choose Jamalon and it’s Jamalon coupon codes for a budget-friendly reading experience.

Frostheart: Escape From Aurora

The book Frostheart: Escape From Aurora is the sequel to the book Frostheart, which is written by Jamie Littler. The sequel carries on following Ash along with his friends to search for his parents. Ash and his friends find themselves in the immense, majestic, bustling throttlehold of Aurora. It was the feeling that no one has experienced before. They were all scared before that is an unsafe place, and the ferocious attacks happened that left the crew trapped on the ice. You can learn more about Ash and friends and know whether they reached safely or not by reading the book.

Captain Sir Tom Moore: One Hundred Steps

You may not be aware of the name of Captain Tom, but he has currently become a hero. He has donated over $40 million for NHS in these hard times of covid pandemic. The writer Adam Larkum has decided to write the story of Captain Sir Tom Moore. This novel will tell you the humble work done by Tom in Yorkshire and his adventures. You will get to know about how Tom raised this amount of money for the coronavirus outbreak.

These are some of the amazing masterpieces written by some top-notch writers. People who are fond of reading books will definitely feel pleasure in their work. The above-mentioned books are the best books of 2020 that you must read as this will make you fall in love with the work of writers and if your list has a space to add more books in the count then choose Book Depository coupon code before buying a book from its online store.

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