Best Free Antivirus Software of 2020

Antivirus software is a special software developed to prevent computers and mobile phones from viruses software, malware, spyware, adware, trojan, etc. They are programmed to scan your system fully or partially, it detects if any malware is present and then it removes them from your computer or mobile phones. They also do not let you open a malicious web page or files that come through emails. These days the antivirus software also takes care of the transactional sites and forbids the hackers to hack your banking data. The antivirus software provides total protection to your mobile phones and computers.

Working of an Antivirus

There are many companies that make antivirus software and each of them has a special function along with some regular functions. Some of the basic features or working functions of antivirus are as follows:

  • Antivirus software has the capability of scanning a particular file, folder or directory to find malicious programs in them.
  • You can also run scans without your presence when you are not working on the computer if you schedule it.
  • It not only scans a particular file, folder or directory but it can scan the whole system. When any flash drive or CD is inserted then it readily scans it.
  • This antivirus software first scan then detect the malicious patterns and clean them.
  • They also give you the data on the health of your computer.

Self-Protection is the Best Protection

  • The ways and symptoms of these scams should be known to the user. Phishing, spoofing and pop-up virus and Trojan horse are dangerous malware because they can record personal and financial information. It is so dangerous that it can come from email links and attachments, websites and pop-up windows.
  • It is recommended these days to counter check the websites before using it for transactions. It can be done by copying the URL and pasting the URL in a new tab, a fake site will not open but an authentic site will open.
  • Activate the windows pop up blocker.
  • Do run the antivirus software at least once a week. 
  • It is better to keep updated anti-virus software.
  • Must use the latest antivirus and operating system.
  • Do not download from unknown sites.

It is advised to keep changing the passwords of your banking sites, emails, and other social accounts.

If You Compare Then which Antivirus is Better?

The people these days are considering PC Matic also as one of the best antivirus software whereas many think that it is Webroot that has the best feature. Let us check out the better among them.

  • Pricing

In between PC Matic vs Webroot, Webroots costs much less than Pc Matic as it costs 29.99$ and the latter costs 50$  because Webroot gives a discount of 25% with 70 days money-back guarantee. Pc Matic has only 30 days money-back guarantee without any discounts.

  • Features

Features wise they have almost everything common apart from a few things which make Webroot a better option to buy. Webroot has a game mode, live help, phone support, etc.

  • Security

Even security-wise Webroot is above par with PC Matic. Webroot has a safe browser, personal firewall, email protection, USB virus scan, etc. which PC Matic lacks.

Thus, Webroot wins the battle against PC Matic for being a better antivirus choice.  

Best Free Antivirus Software in 2020

There are lots of free antivirus software in the world but we all need the best one. We can understand the possible best or a good antivirus by seeing its efficiency in scanning, detecting and removing the virus from any device. There are facilities which are provided by each antivirus that are also to be kept in mind. Some of the facilities are scheduled scanning, showing computer health, and protecting the computer from adware. Adware has become a very big threat to computers these days. They are designed in such a way that they make the customer operate the ads and then the adware starts its operation throughout your computer. Another major protection that an antivirus can give is protection from the transactional sites because these data are what is needed by hackers. If it gets hacked then you will be doomed. Some of the best free antivirus software are as follows:

  • Bitdefender

Over the past five years, Bitdefender’s have the best rate of detecting the malware and hence it is preferred by most of the people. They do it by using advanced Artificial Intelligence and some other technologies along with a network that globally connects over 500 million computers which not only detects but also anticipates new threats or malware in any of the computers of the planet. The best part about this antivirus is that it does everything without reducing the speed of the computer and gives webcam protection as well.

  • Norton

Norton is a well-known antivirus software that gives great protection against the probable threats as well as to the existing threats in a device. It provides personal as well as financial protection. It saves and keeps all the credentials protected from hackers like passwords, credit card and debit card details, username, and password of internet banking, etc. Besides all these facilities it also has a smart firewall system that blocks unnecessary and unauthorized traffic into the system. It also has a 2GB cloud to store all your important files safely.

  • Kaspersky

It protects the computer from all the malware and ransomware. It can stop all the latest viruses and provides real-time antivirus protection. If you use cryptocurrencies then it is very useful because it gives protection to it as well. It blocks phishing and webcam hijacking; it blocks illicit content from kids as well.

  • Webroot

Webroot is the next generation of antivirus software. It prevents the devices from malware, spyware, etc. like any other anti-viruses but it does it at a much faster pace than others and without slowing down the computer. It protects you from phishing that is it protects you from other sites who might trick you to loot money from you.  It also protects the biometric and other identity data from hackers.

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