What are the best master courses in Canada for International Students?

Canada is one of the most developed economies in the world. It has also emerged as an education superpower that offers a student-friendly environment and ample employment and earning opportunities on completion of education. Additionally, Canada also offers a simple immigration system. No wonder a survey conducted by the CBIE (Canadian Bureau of International Education) reveals that their universities were home to 5.7 lakh international students in 2018. A substantial, precisely 30% of them are Indian students. 

Why is studying in Canada attractive to international students?

Studying in universities in Canada makes sense for multiple reasons. Let us check out the primary ones. 

  • Quality of Education: Directly under the control of the provincial government, the quality of education remains unmatched in the world. Be it UG or MS in Canada, the universities in Canada are ranked highly in the fields of technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.
  • Affordable: Though a developed country, education expense is lower than other English speaking counties. Ample earning opportunities during the course of study further offsets the cost of education. 
  • Safety: In the peace index, Canada is ranked 8th in 2016 by the Institute of Economics and Peace. One of the friendliest societies in the world is famous for the co-existence of different cultures and nationalities together with the locals providing ample security to the international student.
  • Immigration Friendly: Students can opt for three years PG Work Permit after completion of studies. Working individuals can opt for Permanent Residency through a simplified immigration process.
  • Natural Beauty: Canada is bound by the ocean on three sides and the USA on the fourth. Endowed with boundless natural beauty and an amiable population, it is an adopted home for more than 300 nationalities. 

Higher Education in Canada:

Universities in Canada are mostly research-oriented in nature attuned to offer Undergraduate Degrees and Post Graduate Degrees. Bachelor’s Degree in Canada is of four years duration. Before looking for pursuing MS in Canada, let us check out the top-ranked universities in Canada:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University 
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of West Ontario
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Waterloo

These are ranked by reputed agencies and are considered best universities in the world, where you can pursue your UG, PG and Doctoral degrees in Canada. 

Masters in Canada:

International students throng to the various universities to pursue MS in Canada, considered the best in the world. Some of the popular faculties for study are:

  1. Computer Science: The programs offered are wide-ranging covering specialization in emerging studies in Data Science, Robotics, Cloud Computing to name a few. 
  2. Civil Engineering: It offers a scope to master the dynamics of structural solidity of constructions along with aesthetics.
  3. Public Health Management: It is important in terms of quality of life involving primary health care and health prevention. 
  4. Finance: Epitomized by a vibrant economy, Canada offers ample scope to learn about the social market economy and a free-market economy, yet not short on social security.  
  5. Human Resource Management: Canada is famous for supporting inclusive labor policies. 
  6. Mechanical Engineering: You can gain ample knowledge of computational fluid dynamics and engineering composites.  
  7. Pharmacy: You can specialize in drug and vaccine delivery and other disciplines of pharmacy in the state of the art facilities. 
  8. Electrical Engineering: It is a composite discipline offering insight into economics and ecology to enable you to capture the industrial environment. 
  9. Psychology: The stress is on behavioral neuroscience, child development, and cognitive science. 
  10. International Relations: It is an interesting discipline offering insight into finance, politics, economy and human intervention. 


An amiable education eco-system and equally tolerant society makes Canada the ideal destination for international students for master programs. World-class universities and subject specializations are other attractions for pursuing MS in Canada

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