Best things to do in New Jersey: Hub of activities and attractions

New Jersey, popularly known as The Garden State is the state of the United States situated in Mid-Atlantic region. There are a lot of things to do in New Jersey which offers a wide range of attractions, live activities, and historical sites. 

Starting from deep forest to the heritage sites and museums, even the beach and Hopewell Theatre to experience live music concerts, movies, etc. it will take your heart for sure. Hopewell Theatre is one of the best places mainly known for some musical concerts, movies in the city and it is best recognized as a full-fledged entertainment package. People around the city can easily choose this place whenever they feel to boost their mind for a while as several featured events are showcased at several days. 

There are some activities you can easily do in New Jersey which are mentioned below. Check them out! 

  • Adventures in Pinelands: You can hide your secrets in those Pine Barrens in the New Jersey Pinelands. This place gives you an attraction of both land and water which will help to create magic in your life. To all the forest lovers, you will feel the most productive cranberry bogs of the nation and can enjoy the place by going through the ironworks. 
  • Newark Museum: Are you fond of searching something different in New Jersey? Then Newark museum will be the ideal place to search for. It is one of the best attractions to the local people as it offers free wine during late Thursdays. Even you can explore some incredible collection too. It also offers the city nightlife remix mainly dedicated to Michael Jackson. 
  • Hopewell Theatre: If site-seeing makes you bore enough, then catching up with an international cinema can be a fantastic idea though. With spectacular performances along with living concerts and good food, this theatre is said to be one of the best dine in theater in the NJ state.
  • Boardwalk at Asbury Park: The fantastic beach will hit your mind and opening of the Asbury hotel makes itself the head of this place. You can enjoy this place by having some ocean views and playing retro pinball. In this place, there are some beach bars where you can have beers there and even can enjoy your drink in the sand too. 
  • Sculpture Grounds: As the art scene is properly visible at this state, you can easily find out the art museum near this place where the sculpture wonder follows across 42 acres. You can go through some sculptural clues there where a 20-foot rendition of the king with blue and redheads can be visible there. 
  • Edwin B. Forsythe: Edwin B. Forsythe is famously known as a national wildlife refuge which is one of the best adventurous places one can spend through. All you have to cost for a car pass which is access to eight-mile wildlife drive with startling beauty. To visit this place the best time is spring and do watch special nesting platforms instead of watching shorebirds dive for shellfish and other fishes. 
  • Albert Music Hall: To get a nostalgic feeling of Americana and roots music, Albert Music Hall will definitely fulfill your desire, but the place is the right option on Saturday night only. You won’t find a pinch of beer, there but instead of beer, you can get coffee, tasty pie enough to enjoy the night with some home tunes. The most enchanting sounds will appear at this place. 

So, if you are planning to come and visit to explore New Jersey then you must book a car and take a drive for a day-long to enjoy all these activities and attractions. Have a blast! 

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