Best Way to Wax Bikini Line to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Would wax the region of your bikini amount to a huge mess? We’re here to give you the secret hard wax! It is specially designed for coarse skin, does not need a string, and in effect “shrinks” the hair causing them to be extracted more quickly. Through using this method of hair removal, you will get rid of your unwanted hair and learn to avoid incubated skin.

Such instructions are to execute in your own home a regular bikini wax. Unless you’re a gymnast, of course, it’s really hard to imagine you should do yourself a Brazilian bikini wax. Give the specialists a specific one.

Get a waxing kit. That’s just how you do it. The use of hard wax for the bikini line is highly recommended since the hair is coarse. Hard wax (check cost ranges) goes smoothly, but it stiffens so that a strip is not required to be cut. The accompanying directions are to add rough wax.

Have sufficient hair. Let the bikini hair grow to a maximum length of 1/4. “Make use of hair trimmer to trim hair down if it is longer than 1/2.” Scissors are not successful in cutting it off as you can risk making your hair too short.

Purify the body. Use your bikini area’s pre-wax cleanser and use pre-epilation oil which deals for rough wax. Never apply too much of the oil as it is not rendered more effective by undue use.

Layer the wax on. Using an applicator, apply wax uniformly FIRST in the opposite direction of hair growth, and then WITH the direction of hair growth in the same stroke to a good area (about 4 1/2 “long and 2 1/2” wide). Go pass through the area where your hair is growing. This will make it easier for you to take off and with the first pull, you will ensure that most of the hair is removed. The wax is going to flatten as it stiffens. If the wax is not strong enough when pulled off, not every hair will be covered. A good skin cream will improve here.

Take the hair out. Use your hands to softly move a small section of the wax that is not attached to the end of the hair so it can be used as a tab once it has cooled down. Let’s say that your hair is growing from left to right, the end is on the right. Hold the skin tight with one hand and pull wax in the opposite direction of hair growth all the way to the other side in a single super-fast pull. Don’t pull-up your natural tendency. Press the palm down on the skin to ease the pain after the wax is removed. This sounds absurd, but it works!

Do that again. Work your way to wax the area of the bikini, repeating steps 4 and 5.

Use tweezers to remove any hair that the wax has skipped.

Purify the body. Get rid of any remaining wax remover residues.

Relax the skin. Use a cream after a wax, a product based on aloe, or cream-gel.

After being cared for. The area of the bikini has a tendency to form adult hairs. Gently clean the surface 2 days after waxing. By using a microdermabrasion cream that contains micro-crystals and snail serum, you can do this. The combination of snail serum and micro-crystals will gently eliminate excess skin cells, unblock hair follicles, prevent skin irritation, and prevent infection of the hair.

In addition to using a natural skin cream containing snail serum, waxing using the above instructions is the ultimate combination to avoid incubated hair after waxing your bikini line.

You can also use best bikini trimmer instead of wax.

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