There is a misconception that an artist cannot earn good money. Underpayment is entirely a wrong notion. An artist can earn millions of rupees through online marketing, and since we are living in a vibrant digital world. It is straightforward to attract the people who buy and admire act. The fame and money both come along with it, and the artist does not have to make efforts for finding art lovers. People with artist backgrounds have many opportunities to get famous and sell your designs quickly and getting more money as compared to selling them in the crafts fair. The ease of markets is all because of the diversity of people all around the world. As these art admirers understand the value of your art and buy. Also, research conducted by an organization and they concluded that 22.7 percent of art customers buy art through social media platforms. These statistics shows that the social platform plays a significant role in the life of the artist. The venues through which an artist can display their art online are expanding day by day. So if a person knows his craft can make a lot of money. 

Furthermore, there are a plethora of trade show displays platforms that can ease the work of the artist and so that the artist can concentrate on the art instead of finding out the market for his art. These platforms not only approach the domestic buyers but also exposed the underrated artist to get the chance to showcase their work on the international level and get the appreciation and prize their art deserves. The online world not only helps in the selling of art of the artist but also get the deserving global recognition. 


Indeed, the online arena has the maximum number of potential buyers. An artist must understand the importance of selling their product online. Since, it is lucrative, reliable and consistent. People from the art profession are moving towards the online display and making the most out of their art. Some of the tips and ways through which artist can make plenty of money of selling their products and art online are as follow:


Instagram is the best platform for beginner artists to start their art selling. This does not require much effort and big-name critics to make your art in the front line. This platform is an excellent opportunity to approach art lovers through your work who are willing to pay for your artwork. But this platform requires some prerequisite that is the follower. The more the followers follow your account, it helps your art to expose to the majority of people and the potential buyers. There are some methods to gather more followers. Firstly, upload the high pixel images, that reflects all dimension of your art and always make sure that the background of your picture should be in natural light. Secondly, always give the details of art you are putting up through the caption, and it should be a creative one. Thirdly, to be in the limelight, it is essential to keep your account updated through uploading the images of your work. Lastly, it is necessary to write an eye-catching bio for your Instagram. This method is perfect for people to click your profile and discover your work. It is important to note that whenever someone shows interest in your art, never forget to tell them to contact your sales page. So, with Instagram, you are shooting two birds with one stone, you are not only earning money but getting popular and famous at the same time. 


One can earn money by sitting on their couch by giving online art teaching. It does not require much capital, and the results are excellent and profitable. One can either put the tutorials on YouTube or other social media platforms. The more the people hit the like on your video, the more the money you will generate through these platforms. Once an artist gets famous on these platforms, people will ultimately approach for personal tuitions on art. Online tutoring allows teaching a diverse background of people. Online tuitions also help an artist to learn a lot of thing during teaching and makes the work exciting.


There is much non-profitable organization which offers a grant to the young artist to promote their art or to expose their work on the international market. These new artists also contacted by the international organization to preserve the heritage and culture. Local communities approach these beginners to promote religion or decorate the new buildings. The artist must keep themselves updated about the professional circle, to get the first one to apply for a particular work or grant offered by the institution or organization. As the grant for art are substantial so an artist should spend them wisely to invest in new materials or skill.


Indeed, an artist’s work mostly contains visuals than writing or words. Though, with the ease to learn writing skill through online courses, an artist can quickly turn their visual art into text and sell their art through works. These days the blogger earns a lot of dollars by telling the audience about the techniques involves in painting or help the audience understand a particular image through giving description explanation and details. Another way to sell your art through words is to review the new artists on their work, or it is interviews of the established artists. These days the audience searches about the latest trends in art, so one can write over them to attract more readers.


In a nutshell, the ease of selling art online also brings a lot of competition and the absence of uniqueness. It is vital for an artist to be patient and do not sell your product in a less amount just because initial you lack the art admirers.

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