Best Ways to Support the Elderly in Times of Health Crisis

The world is going through a very tough time now and with the COVID 19 virus, we have to be more careful with the people who are old and need medical help. The elderly need our help now more than ever and we all can play a part to make their lives easier during this time of crisis. If we are responsible and more active we can help them in many ways. In this article, the things that you can do to make the life of elderly people in your family or in your neighborhood better are described in detail.

Ship the medical supply to them

If you have an elderly person in your family then you should take steps to deliver all the medical supplies like masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other medical equipment that can keep them safe from the virus. You can also get medicines for them from the stores if they have any existing health condition and they are on some medication. It is important to make sure that they don’t have to travel much outside their home. Providing them with essential supplies is one of the most important things that you can do for them.

Donate money to an elderly non-profit

You can also donate money to organizations that are popular for helping elderly people. At his time of crisis, many philanthropists have come forward and they have donated over millions of dollars to organizations that work for taking care of the people. You can also contribute to helping elderly people all over the world if you make a donation to any reputed organizations that do activities to help the elderly people. It is important to research the organization before donating your money to it as there are many fraud organizations out there which only wants to take your money.

Try to buy things that make them self-dependent

You can buy tools for them that will make them depend on other people less. A medical scooter is something that you can buy for them. A medical scooter helps those old people who have a problem with mobility. They can move around the house easily with the help of this scooter. You can also buy hearing aids for elderly people who have difficulty hearing. Giving them these types of equipment make them self-dependent and they can live a healthier life.

Pay attention to their mental health

It is important to take care of the mental health of elderly people as well. We often forget to take care of the mental health of a person. One way to keep them happy is to make the grandchildren interact with the elderly. Now, the schools are closed and it a very good time to strengthen the bond between them. If they start doing activities together then time would pass better for both of them. They can send emails to each other or talk to each other on the phone or on a video call.

Help with healthcare appointments

One of the best ways to help the elders is to make sure that they are healthy. You can call the health care department if any elderly person close to you is showing symptoms of the disease. You can call them to set up an appointment if there is a need for that. Now, at this time most of the health care services are being provided online and if you need to be there for them then you should. You might also have to make crucial decisions for them concerning their health.

Provide them help with food and other essential things

Make sure that the elderly people in your family have all the things that they need to spend the time in quarantine. Buy the essential foods for them, toilet papers, and sanitizers, and other important things. A senior should not have to take a risky trip to the nearest store to get these things. Making sure that they have all the essential things stored at home keeps them much safer in this time of crisis. Make a checklist for them and make sure that they have all the essential things.

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