Best Wrestling Strength Training Exercises One Must Try

Building strength for wrestling requires persistence and consistency. Following we will tell you about the compound movements and Isolation exercises you need to perform better on the mats. the strength and conditioning of a wrestler depend on various things and we will try to cover them as much we can. Without further ado let’s get ready for training so put on your wrestling singlets or shorts, whichever you prefer.


Pullups are basic and you don’t even know how beneficial they are. They improve your grip and pulling strength, power up the shoulders and abdomen. These are the reasons why you should be doing pullups as a part of your wrestling training. If you are not already then start doing so from now on. 

How to

It is pretty simple. All you have to do is grip the bar good then pull the body up and down slowly without letting it swing. Pronated, supinated, and neutral are the grip types you can try it with. 


Either you do wrestling or not deadlifts are great for the back. Because the back is the source of power and stability for your body, deadlifts are very important. These also improve your grip, power up the glutes and hamstrings.

Performing this you may end up scraping the shins but it is not as hard as it seems. However, be sure to keep the form perfect. As doing it wrong and you will end up with pain or injury. Deadlifts train the muscles a wrestler needs.

How to

Be sure to keep the back straight and start in a position where your hips are slightly higher than knees. Once you have a firm grip start lifting maintaining tension in arms and consistent knees and hip joint angle. Try other variations that you like. 


There are many variations of squats. The Zercher Squat is better for wrestling strength but you can also try other variations. 

It strengthens your glutes, quads, hamstrings, as well as the trunk, shoulders, and biceps. This is very good and beneficial for the undertook position in wrestling. 

How to

Hold the bar in the crook of arm and squat, as simple as that. Just drive the weight a little up as you stand up. Remember to keep the torso and back straight.

Walking Lunges

Like previous exercises Lunges also have different forms but walking lung is the most beneficial. Again, you are welcome to incorporate other forms into your routine but done forget this one. This will help improve leg strength which will help you in single and double-leg takedowns

How to

Start by standing straight and a dumbbell in each hand. Take a step forward and drip the rear knee down. Take it as close to the ground as possible. Try to keep the front leg bent at a 90-degree angle. Now push with rearfoot and take a step forward with it and bend the rear knee. Go down, get back up and repeat. Hold the chest and shoulders up during Lunges.

Farmer’s Walk

This exercise takes Deadlifts up a notch improving your grip, traps, and shoulders and strengthening the core. The legs hips and ankles work together to maintain upright posture which makes them strong. 

How to

Grip the Trap Bar as you do for deadlifts. Lift the weights keeping back flat and chest up elbows locked out and your shoulder blades pinched back to get a straight and erect position. Now as you stand straight start walking straight with short but quick steps.

Remember this workout is supposed to be near the end of your workout session. 

Chest-Supported Row

Now is the time to build a strong back that will help you maintain control and get better at takedowns. A stronger back helps to keep the opponent close and in control when you in the top riding position.

How to

Get an inclined bench set it at a 45-degree angle, now lie down on it with face downwards. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Start with your arms hanging straight down. Now you have to pull your elbows back up. But don’t use any momentum and keep the motion slow and steady. Keep the elbows tucked in and try to go as high as possible. 

Bottom line

Although, you don’t need a wrestling headgear for all this training you sure will as you begin fighting and sparring. So, why not buy a quality headgear now. Another important thing to note is that these workouts are not for kids and teens, they are meant for adults and those who are already passed a beginner wrestling level.

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