Billie Joe Is Back To Snatch Your Girlfriend

Rumor has it, Green Day is back and hotter than ever! An infamous punk rock band from Oakland, consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool already announced their new album called “Father Of All…,” coming in 2020. Yes, they made a substantial pause in their career, taking their time after releasing “Revolution Radio” back in 2016. 

Californian heartthrobs who stole minds of millions of teenage girls are about to get revenge – prepared and having something to say to this world. 

What will be the main theme of an upcoming album?

On the contrary to their most famous album “American Idiot,” “Father Of All…” will not be mostly dedicated to politics, although it will touch upon grief we get to encounter every day. This might also touch upon tragedy in Mike Dirnt’s family. 

As of now, band members of Green Day became more mature after all albums, so we expect them to touch upon more serious problems. Although, as Billie Joe stated, depression and despair will be the main motives of an upcoming album, however, they will be overpowered by humor and endless drive. It seems to us that we will hear punk from real men who had to come face to face with real problems, fight them, and become winners in all the battles. There will be no place for teenage whining, empty political claims, and foul edginess. Only mature men with real-life problems can deliver us first-class (and meaningful rock music). 

Billie Joe also talked on the style of their album: “Soul, Motown, glam, and manic anthemic. Punks, freaks, and punishers! The Dirty messy. The Stink. Even a unicorn that pukes on their 2004 album banner seems to be highly ironic (maybe it’s an implicit idea about them giving up on politics, the lowest and the dirtiest field of our society?)

It is not clear yet which audience their new music will appeal to – old fans or newcomers, but Green Day seems to work for both camps to save appreciation of veterans and appeal young people, turning them to meaningful problems.

Billie Joe might’ve taken a lesson or two from a fellow namesake musician Billie Eilish whom he recently made an interview with. A young and talented pop icon seems to be the biggest Green Day fan, flushing in front of a frontman. Watch out, Billie, Billie can’t chat with single girls, or else Adrienne won’t be happy! Anyway, she can teach punk veterans about what kids need these days when it comes to trends and popular opinions. 

What is the release date?

Although the release date is not officially stated yet, Green Day already dropped its title track on YouTube, as well as another song called “Fire, Ready, Aim!” The fans seem to be glad their favorite band is back. Together with the return of legendary My Chemical Romance, 2020 will be an exciting year for all rock fans. 

This will be their shortest album with only 26 minutes of total tracks. Let’s hope the quality will prevail over quantity, and we will hear some of the most powerful melodies that will stay in our minds and playlists for at least a year! 

The new tour will start in the summer of 2020, all the cities will be listed after the album release.

The inspiration behind a new album

Billie Joe confesses he gets inspired by many young and ambitious musicians… none of which plays rock. The recent album has something to do with Kendrick Lamar’s artwork! It is so cool that different artists give recognition to each other and support each other’s clans!