The Most Sought-After Blockchain Certifications in 2019

Blockchain Certification

The tech world is overwhelmed with the noises that the blockchain technology is making. Created for supporting bitcoin, the famous cryptocurrency, Blockchain just can’t stop grabbing attention from every sector around the globe. The popularity of the countless benefits that this distributed ledger can offer is picking up pace unprecedented pace.

Did you know?

  • Every industry is acknowledging the presence of this record-keeping technology
  • The demand for professionals with blockchain skills is inflating. As per a LinkedIn report, there is 33 times rise in the number of blockchain job openings.
  • There has been a 300% growth in jobs related to Blockchain, according to Gartner.

 Intriguing, isn’t it?

An even more fact that you must know is that the supply of blockchain professionals is not meeting its upward moving demand.

How to fill this Demand-Supply Gap?

This expanding cavity between the supply and demand of blockchain experts can be filled by 

  • Obtaining relevant skills such as coding 
  • Gaining profound knowledge of pertinent programming languages like Python and solidity 
  • And, earning a blockchain certification from a renowned certifying institution.

Blockchain certifications have become an authentic source for acquiring knowledge of this unconventional technology. Employers have unmatchable faith in individuals who own the certificates. It’s because certifications not only help you get an in-depth understanding of the subject but also enables you to manifest your dedication towards becoming an excellent professional.

Here are the top blockchain certifications in the market that will help you solve your purpose of building a long-lasting career.

1. Blockchain Council 

This institution is known for supplying an extensive line of blockchain experts who can showcase their skills and knowledge of this disruptive technology in the most laborious fashion. The certification program offered by this well-known certifying body infuses students with the learnings related to blockchain fundamentals along with principal subjects, such as the development of DApps.

 The Salient certifications provided by Blockchain Council are:

 ·        Certified Blockchain Expert 

·        Certified Blockchain Developer 

·        Certified Blockchain Architect 

2. Blockchain Training Alliance:

 Blockchain Training Alliance has merged with Pearson VUE to present IT professionals with relevant certifications that can help their career graph move skywards. With blockchain rapidly becoming the core need of a multitude of sectors, you can earn one of the below-mentioned courses to start your journey of contriving a fulfilling professional life in the tech arena.

·        BTA Certified Blockchain Solution 

·        BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum 

·        BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger 

3. Central Blockchain Council of America 

Maintaining the steepest standards in the blockchain education industry, CBCA has the objective of offering first-grade platform-neutral certifications that aim to help people take up the strenuous roles and responsibilities of the Blockchain domain. The makers of these programs realize the growing need for Blockchain experts in every possible industry around the globe, hence, they have decided to engage in the practice of offering knowledge of the fundamental concepts, applications, principles, and technologies connected to the blockchain technology.

You can ace your interview by having one of these blockchain certifications on your resume.

·        Business Blockchain Professional 

·        Certified Blockchain Engineer 

·        Global Blockchain Leader

 4. Saïd Business School in association with the University of Oxford: 

Oxford University has framed a certification referred to as the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program. It is a communicative course that is a product of the merger between GetSmarter and Oxford Saïd. This informative program has been designed to satisfy the curious minds of executives, managers along with other categories of professionals wanting to understand the nitty-gritty of Blockchain Technology.

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