Brian Ferdinand, Travel Expert: How to Make Air Travel Easier During COVID-19

The thought of experiencing a completely new culture and a new environment can no doubt be thrilling, whether it’s your first time or 15th time. However, the process of getting to that new environment can be downright daunting. Fortunately, if you’re traveling by air, you can take steps to make your travel experience a positive one—even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, according to travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published travel guide.

The Airplane PreCheck Process

According to the recently published travel article, air travel remains one of the most in-demand travel modes, as it can take you from Point A on the West Coast to Point B on the East Coast in a handful of hours. The challenge with airports, though, is that they can easily become crowded with individuals and travel items, according to Ferdinand. However, one of the best ways to keep crowds from becoming a problem for you is to sign up for a TSA PreCheck, an expedited security pass. 

TSA PreCheck is a part of the United States Customs and Border Protection Global Entry program. With this program, you will not have to take off your light jacket, belt, or shoes when going through security. Likewise, you won’t have to remove your laptop or even take any 3-1-1 fluids from your bags. This means you can save time, avoid unnecessary stress, and keep yourself away from many swaths of travelers—a huge benefit at a time when being in crowds increase your risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Note that you can capitalize on PreCheck at 200-plus airports featuring 37 airlines, according to Brian Ferdinand.

Other Current Air Travel Tips

Another way to ease your air travel worries during COVID-19 is to make sure that you bring your own blanket on the flight with you. This is especially important if you’re the type to get cold relatively easily. Due to the current pandemic, you might not feel comfortable with using a flight attendant’s blanket. In fact, in some situations, airlines no longer offer blankets to reduce possible contamination. So, be sure to bring a travel blanket for yourself.

In addition, be sure to stock up on masks. The more, the merrier. Either disposable or fabric ones will do. And consider bringing along breathable face masks designed for exercise, as they may come in handy for those unavoidable sprints through the airport time and time again.

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