Best Ways to Care for Your Wedding Dress

It is your wedding and you know you have the right wedding dress and you need to look your best right from the start. Everything should be spic and pristine. A wedding dress is the dearest thing to a woman as it holds some kind of sentimental value. 

You can either save it for memory’s sake or you may pass it down for your future generation but once you have worn it for the wedding, never stop caring about it. If you want to have dress success you need to go through a few things right before the wedding and after the wedding too.

For caring and cleaning of your wedding gown, you can have a wedding gown preservation kit handy but you can always take it to a professional because they know how to do it all. Here is how you can take care of your wedding dress before the wedding, after the wedding and while the wedding is taking place.

How to Care for your dress before the wedding?

When you get your wedding dress, take out the plastic hanger and add a padded one so that your dress can rest in a cool and dry place. Make sure you hang the wedding dress somewhere away from sharp objects and water. You do not want your dress to get spoilt. Apart from that, if you receive your wedding dress well in advance then it is okay to keep in the dress cover. Otherwise, you can hang it somewhere cool where all the wrinkles are removed.

 What to do after your wedding day?

Do not hurry! But do not delay too! You can get your wedding gown preserved whenever possible but it needs to be soon. This work should be done within a month for sure because the more you delay, the harder it gets off the stains. When you give it early, you can expect them to return soon but if you delay, they may gove your wedding dress late too.

Do not do anything to your dress before the wedding because you are inflicting harm to the dress. When you pre-treat your dress, you are making the preserving process much difficult afterward.

Once you drop off your dress for cleaning, you need to have patience because they are not regular dry cleaning shops which promise you 2-3 days turnaround time. Therefore, you need to wait for a few weeks for them to completely work on your dress and restore it to the normal. You can expect to wait for 4-6 weeks. Apart from that, the preservation is done based on how much work needs to be done. The price will also vary accordingly. Good preservationists can charge a few hundred dollars for the work they do on your wedding gown.

How do they clean your dress?

There are quite a few steps when they clean your dress. The professional will first completely inspect your gown and then they will note the areas where restoration is required. There may be stains and other damages where the lace and beads might have come off. Hence, they will focus on special areas while cleaning the process. If there are wine stains or any dirt stains then they can be spot cleaned by wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Either way, it completely depends on the fabric.

Once they clean the dress, they inspect the whole fabric and cloth once again and then it is wrapped in acid-free tissue to only be sealed in a box.

Remember to keep your dress in a cool and dry place. The wedding gowns may be ruined when you store them in mushy or damp conditions.

Here is what to do if you are wearing the dress again:

When you want to wear your dress again for an anniversary shoot or something, you can expect to go fro cleaning rather than preserving. If you have stains on your wedding dress, get them cleaned as soon as possible because when the stains dry up, they eat away the fibers of the dress you are wearing. Thus, get the dress cleaned right away after you are done wearing it for the day.

What to do if there is a stain on your Wedding day?

Do not fret at all. This is because the stains are normally of makeup and lipstick. These are called combination stains where they are mostly of oil. To remove the stains, you need to tackle them individually. Hence, dab the particular spot that is stained with a wet towel. After that, place some detergent on the wet cloth and blot on the affected area. After that, rinse the area with some amount of water and leave it for drying.

You can use lemon juice or vinegar for coffee stains or red wine.


Hence, you need to understand that different types of materials require different kind of actions. You can take action if the wedding gown is anything but silk with the wedding gown preservation kit. However, take your dress to the professionals so that they know how to fix it.

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