How is the career of medical coding in India?

India has always been the preferred destination for procuring outsourcing services. Healthcare outsourcing service in the domain of medical coding and billing is no exception. Recent growth trends in the industry have churned out interesting, new professions – one of them is the job of a medical coder. The demand curve of medical coding professionals is on the upward rise. 

The growth potential is high and hence this job is being lauded as one of the most lucrative professions in this sector. The worldwide demand is a pointer that medical coders can expect the highest level of job security. 

Moreover, India is a highly populated land and the need for healthcare services is higher compared to many other nations. There are innumerable hospitals and clinics across the states which lack healthcare technicians and coders. This is one good reason why medical coders are being absorbed by the industry in large numbers.  

Whole New World of Medical Coding Career Opportunities

It is forecasted that healthcare market profit is expected to touch Rs 8.6 million by the 2022 year-end. This factor is creating record career opportunities. The trending job in the market is that of a medical coder. 

The top opportunities include:

  • Outsourcing online assignment projects coming from USA and UK
  • Working as a coding specialist (certified/ non-certified)
  • Working as a certified coder (CPC) in a reputed medicare facility
  • Getting recruited by top medical insurance companies 
  • Working as a reimbursement specialist
  • Insurance claims reviewer 
  • Patient account representative 

The Pay Packet of Medical Coder in India

In India, a medical coder can get earn Rs 143 per hour on a daily basis. The average annual medical coding salary is Rs 242,182 for a certified coder, 

The International Certifications Required for the Job 

The top international certifications that are in high demand for medical coding profession in India are: 

  • CPC – Certified Professional Coder
  • CIC – Certified Inpatient Coder 
  • COC – Certified Inpatient Coder 
  • CRC – Certified Risk Adjustment Coder 
  • CPC – Certified Professional Coder and Payer 

Medical Coding Course Eligibility

Check out whether you have the required eligibility for medical coding course. As such, there is no need for a healthcare degree to be eligible for the certified courses. It is ideal for life science graduates and aspirants who have knowledge of anatomy and physiology of a human being. Even students coming from arts or commerce stream can seek admission for a medical coding course. They need to put an extra effort to learn the medical words and terminology. 

You can opt for certification courses or opt for a degree program. In the first case, the courses are of short duration – typically 3 to 5 months. The duration of an Associate or a Degree program is 2 years. 

There are many institutes of medical coding course in India which have the acknowledgment of AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders). Highly trained faculty (who are expert coders too) share knowledge of the universally accepted code sets (ICD-10-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS Level II)required for medical coding and billing job. They help you to recognize the alphanumeric codes which are used to translate large medical reports related to a patient’s health record (prescriptions, lab findings, surgical procedure, treatment processes) and make an easy-to-0reckon document for doctors and insurance agencies. 

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