We are born into this world, and as we grow older, there are several things that society does for us. And it does so without ever asking back for anything. However, as citizens of this earth, as we grow older, we must pay back to society in whatever way we can. Moreover, everyone at the point of their life wants to pay back to the community they have spent their whole life with one way or another. This depends now either one wants to contribute financially, emotionally, short term or long term, at which stage of their life. It all varies from person to person, their preferences and priorities in their lives. It also depends on his/her capabilities to contribute. However, this contribution could be in any form. It could either be in the way of lending a helping hand or opting for a career that contributes to the betterment. If the latter is what you want to opt for, then here are a few career opportunities that highly provide to society’s improvement.


There is no other profession that could allow you to work for the betterment of society than teaching. It is a profession that not only will enable you to impart knowledge to young minds, but also allows you to sculpt their minds with rational, moral, and ethical mindsets. And this is exactly what would help a new generation shape a better society.

Changing society immediately isn’t possible, but it is possible to cultivate young minds in an environment conducive to positive growth. No other profession would allow this better than teaching. The change may take years to be evident, but the progress is definite.

One of the easiest ways to get into teaching is to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). Obtaining a TEFL certificate is your ticket to travelling the world (post Covid) and teaching students of all ages in amazing destinations such as China, Thailand, Argentina, Guinea the list is endless! If travelling is not your thing you can use the qualification to teach students all around the world from the comfort of your own bedroom!

From our research into the market we identified The TEFL Academy’s level 5 TEFL certification as the most comprehensive as it is internationally recognised and the only TEFL course accredited by both the US and UK governing bodies

Guidance Counseling:

Many of us have been to a point in our academic lives where we weren’t sure of which career path to choose. The most crucial question that befalls every student at some point is what path is the right one. Selecting the right option at the right time is very important for anyone to succeed in their lives.

Guiding a student with simple eligibility criteria that could be fulfilled by an online sociology degree, and becoming a guidance counselor can help a great number of students direct them to their right path. This is yet another career opportunity that would allow you to help society progress in all the right ways and make way for success and prosperity.


While it is still a taboo in several developing countries, psychotherapy, which is often simply referred to as therapy, is very important for a sound functioning life. Mental health is still not taken as seriously as it should be. Many people with mental health issues spend their lives in struggles without seeking the available help.

Therapy is not just for those who find that their mental health has become a hindrance in their daily life. Therapy can help one find many answers to questions that they have been wondering about for ages, allowing them to grow mentally and move forward. 

Motivational Speaking:

There are times when we find ourselves stuck in situations that we can’t get ourselves out of. Being in such a place can be very hard and can be very demotivating. The impact of motivational talk, in such a scenario, cannot be understated. Motivation, when delivered at the right time, can help a person do wonders.

People who have the talent of knowing how to speak, how to address an audience, engage with them, and transfer their energy to the crowd can be wonderful motivational speakers. Such people can move hearts and help people out by delivering the words that a person needs to hear.


Doctors play a very vital role in our society. They are referred to as the real heroes of our world, and that is a fact that cannot be denied. However, another profession, associated with doctors that are often overlooked is nursing, a profession that imparts love and healing to a recovering or sick patient.

The role that nurses play is an essential one. Helping a person when they are the most vulnerable, is an act of great selflessness and courage. Nursing helps the hurt to heal better and faster and ensures all of their needs are met appropriately. Therefore when we talk about career opportunities that help improve society, nursing can not be left out.


If you want to give back to society, there is a lot that you can do. Opting for a career that allows you to pay back is a great way to do so. The list above mentions only some of the many jobs that can let you serve society and be grateful for what they have done. But you do not necessarily need to choose a career dedicated to the community to help. There are several other ways in which you can play your role by taking the small, subtle steps required from a good citizen and encouraging those around you to do the same. And that makes all the difference.

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