Review: Get Paid for Your Photographs Easily

Money is what you need to establish a good business. Photography is an ever-growing industry and for that reason, more and more people want to try out their luck in this profession. Even casual people do like to take perfect pictures to post on social media. 

Did you know you can earn some money by uploading your photos on the web? is a platform that is designed for the people like you. If you want to add some bucks to your bank account and create a professional portfolio online, then you must check the review of the ClickASnap platform. 

What is ClickASnap.Com? 

ClickASnap is an online photo-sharing platform designed for those who love to take photos on their mobiles and digital cameras. The same platform is up for professional photographers as it allows them to earn money by selling digital copies of their photos. 

The best thing about this platform is it is open to all. There is no bound to use this platform as anyone can create a free account on it and use limited features of the platform with a free account. There is a pro account available for professional users. 

How does Platform Work? 

ClickASnap is a UK-based online photo-sharing platform. The platform has gained massive popularity among photographers as they can use this platform to earn some money. 

ClickASnap is the most genuine photo-sharing platform which is known for its on-time payment transfer policy. It is transparent and gives the best of return for your work. 

The platform serves as an intuitive user interface where anyone can start using this platform. The first thing you need to do is creating your free account. ClickASnap lets you create a free account in multiple ways. Just visit their official website and click the Signup button to register a new account. 

The platform will show you how will you register your account. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail or you can even fill in the registration form to sign up for a free account.

Once your account is registered, you can start exploring the free-to-use features of the platform. ClickASnap offers a range of features to normal users and those who have created an account on it. Let’s check out some useful features of it. 

Key Features: 

1. Free-to-use Platform 

As noted above, is a free-to-use platform. It is open for all and anyone can create a free account on the platform by simply clicking on the Signup button. 

2. Marketplace 

The platform has a dedicated Marketplace. This Marketplace is there for professional photographers who can sell out their work and products. You can explore the Marketplace and search for the products as per your needs by using the search bar. You can even explore different categories available on the platform.

3. Categories 

Users can explore different categories of photos such as top recent, nature, landscape, travel, animals, buildings, people and places, street, art, macro, still life, and many more. Just select the Explore button to explore all these categories.

4. Dedicated Search Engine 

The platform lets you search for Photos, Albums, Users, and Products through a Dedicated Search option right on the front page of the website. If you want to download photos, select the Photos option and that’s how you can explore other categories of the platform.

5. Knowledgebase 

You can improve your photography skills by making use of different knowledgebase given on the website. You can explore the blog and its articles to improve your photography knowledge. 

Alternatively, there is a dedicated forum site available where professionals share their information and knowledge with beginner photographers. FAQ section is also given there to resolve your queries on how does this platform work for you in real life.

What are the Earning Opportunities on the Platform? 

The platform lets you earn money in two different ways, by uploading your photos i.e. by Paid Per View Policy, and by selling digital copies of your professional work. 

The platform will credit your account with 0.4¢ for each view of your photos by other visitors. You can increase the number of visitors by sharing your profile or photos on digital platforms. You can even promote it as per your capacity on different social networks. This way you can earn extra money. 

When you reach the minimum amount of $15 in your account, you can redeem it to your bank account. When it comes to paying, ClickASnap is the most genuine platform. It transfers money to your bank account in less than 24 hours. 

Professional users can sell out their products and digital copies of photos to clients from across the globe.

Image Protection

ClickASnap has taken a stance against copyright violations, who save the picture and upload it somewhere else without permission. Once a picture is shared on multiple platforms, then you cannot remove it, so the ClickASnap developers used software-based technology to prevent digital theft.


Free Plan: You can create a free account and upload images on the platform. However, you won’t get paid for the views, so that’s the limitation of the plan.

Ad-Free (£ 2 / Month): You are paying £ 2 per month for an ad-free experience, get paid for the views, and more.

Seller (£4 / Month): In the seller plan, you get all benefits from the previous package, and you will unlock access to the marketplace.

Pro-Seller (£6 / Month): You get every PRO level feature in this package, and you should check out the “upgrade” page to learn all about it.


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Is it Worth it? 

ClickASnap is the best platform for amateurs as well as professional photographers. The platform gives them an opportunity to earn and create a professional portfolio to reach your business to the next level. It’s a good way to build a new career in Photography! Go ahead and explore this free-to-use platform now!