Coloring Books For Kids: How Parents Can Keep Kids Busy

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Baby shark… do do do!! Yes, you heard it about coloring books. If you are a mother of a hyperactive toddler or you have a preschooler at your home you are forced to listen to this or any other similar poems like this throughout the day, and you are sick of these poems now. All you want is to cut down the screen time for your toddlers, but a lot of home chores and other stuff are waiting for you. Also, you want some free time for yourself to get relaxed. I know it is tough to keep your child busy, and you find no further way other than allowing your kid to have some screen time to keep him busy and engaged.

Psychological research shows that children often get bored with toys, and they want a new activity to keep their minds from doing craps. Usually, mothers have no clue about what to do in this situation. They will either allow their kids to have screen time or face the unbearable tantrums. Both conditions are not favorable for a mum. So, to bring some ease in mum’s life and to keep her happy, we have piled up some activities for your toddler, which will keep them busy and give you some extra time to get your work done. 

You can schedule some indoor games for them, or allow them to help you with some home chores (i guess this would become a total mess). You can also encourage them to play outdoor games, but this is not a favorable situation during this pandemic. Now the only one thing you are left with is to do with your preschoolers to make them busy for hours and hours is to buy them some good coloring books and some colors. You can see how your toddler loves to color the pages and get engaged without making you disturb. 

Not only kids, but everyone gets bored of following the same old routine. Especially children because they are hyperactive, and they always want to explore something new. So it becomes tough for mommies to keep their little ones occupied for hours and hours. For them, you can bring things for coloring and crafts. Art, crafts, painting, and drawings have always been the topmost hobbies to release stress and to have some fun time for children and adults. 

Coloring makes your child busy for several hours. They will stay distracted in creating new masterpieces for long, and you will get enough time to get something done. Afterward, you will come to see the world from your children’s eyes. Let your children explore the world of colors and allow them to create a new design every time. 

Coloring books are not a simple book. They have a world of colors inside them, which will allow your kid to identify between different colors, to refine their motor skills and to show some creativity with colors. You can conclude that coloring books are one of the best activities for your kids to keep them engaged. 

During this lockdown, every child, after just a few minutes, is like, “Mom, I’m so bored.” To avoid listening to these kinds of sentences, you can buy some attractive coloring books for your kids. This is one of the best tips to keep your restless kids entertained during this lockdown. 

Children usually get bored quickly, they need some activity which they can do independently. It is necessary because if the child gets frustrated or needs your help now and then. It will become stressful for both the mommy and the kid. And if the mom fails to handle this situation, your child may lose interest quickly. So, you see, If you provide these little munchkins a bundle of coloring books and some joyful colors, it will be hassle-free for both of you. For coloring, they don’t need your guidance at all. They will show their emotions on a single piece of paper. In this way you don’t need to involve yourself with your kid, your child gets busy, and you will get enough relaxing time. 

What kind of coloring books are available in the market?

A lot of different coloring books are available for kids. Like from character sketch to some objects and shapes coloring books, all kinds are available in the market at a reasonable price. You have to pick the right one that will make your child happy and busy for several hours. 

Some people have perceptions that coloring is not a skill-building activity. Still, they forget that colors are the best medium to release stress, and coloring on books will help your child keep him engaged for long without making him bored. Coloring is the cheapest activity among all, and it will help the kid to learn how to blend color to create a masterpiece. If money is an issue, it’s also important to realize there are plenty of free coloring pages available online. All you need to do is visit Google, search for what type of coloring pages you like, and then print them right from any of the sites listed.

All the schools are closed, parks, wonderland, and other things that fascinate children are closed due to the pandemic going around. Day by day, it is getting difficult to make kids understand the ongoing situation. They are getting frustrated, but they are also unable to express their emotions. The best way to tackle these kids is to hand over some coloring books and make them busy. They will start showing their emotions through coloring. 

Moms always want to share some good times with their toddlers, but due to the house chores, she is unable to spend some quality time with her kids. But coloring is the only activity which can be done anywhere, anytime. You can not only keep your child engaged via coloring, but also, if you are having a hard day and want to release your stress, you should even start coloring. It will help you in two ways; you can have some quality time with your kid, and coloring makes all your worries gone. In case if you don’t want to color by yourself, you can pass it to your toddler to keep them busy, and you can take some rest to release your stress. 

Social Media Profiles and Brands to Follow for Free Coloring Pages

As mentioned throughout the article, we are trying to give parents some reliable resources for where to find coloring books and free print outs or downloads online.

The good news is, many brands on social media are already sharing the best content offered on their sites through their preferred social channels as well. This likely means you won’t need to keep visiting the same websites and blogs, but instead can follow their social media channels as well.

At the end of the day, coloring is an age-old tradition that is still keeping everyone busy and active today. Parents and kids of all ages love coloring, so it’s safe to say they aren’t going out of style any time soon.

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