Compare the cost of living in a paying guest between a metropolitan and a non- metro city

Paying guest accommodations are in trend today across the country and it is doing great business. Higher living cost in metropolitan and non – metropolitan cities motivates numerous people with financial constraints to have an inclination for a PG. It has all the basic amenities such as – food, furnishing, security, equipment inducted which make the life of the tenants easy. Paying guest houses have become a trendsetter because of its provisions which are extended under such low costs. In order to gain complete insights about the cost of living in a PG, here is a detailed comparison. Following in-depth information comprises of the cost of living between a metropolitan and non- metropolitan city in India – 

  1. Paying guest in Andheri West – Mumbai is a city of dreams which is an alluringjunctiontoheterogeneous artists keeping the homogeneous dreams of getting successful. As soon as we hear the name Mumbai, we all have the notion triggering our minds that it is the most expensive city in the country. The credit goes to the excellent economic situation, infrastructure, famous billionaires living which altogether makes even more unaffordable to live there. The cost of living is directly proportional to factors such as – area, commute, lifestyle and personal expenses. Some of the famous yet affordable rental Paying guest in Mumbai are – Dadar, Chembur, Povai, Mulund, Kurla, Goregaon and Andheri West. Keeping a mediocre neighborhood of Mumbai,the below calculations are based upon Paying guest in Andheri West–
  1. Accommodationpg in andheri west is a very reasonable option. You may expect a double sharing room ranging between 8000 INR -12,000 INR. Although renting a single room in an apartment can cost your pocket around 15,000 INR excluding the facilities, bills, and groceries. Andheri West is one of the most populous neighborhoods yet the affordable one makes it compatible to be well suited for anyone. Allow yourself to consider various options that will help you narrow down the best option at the moment. The comparison can be held based on – facilities provided, rent, locality, cleanliness, and reviews. 
  2. Food – Most of the paying guest in Andheri West have food included in the rent. But not all of us are big fans of authentic regional dishes served in the rental houses. If you are opting for tiffin services or buying a plate from a decent restaurant, it would compile up to 300 per day for all meals. Making somewhere between 8000 – 9000 INR monthly which does sound a little expensive.
  3. Commute – You will be glad to know that Mumbai still has some cheap services which are running across and the commute is one of them. If you travel by train, auto or Rikshaw, consider yourself saving a lot. People do not commit mistakes of hiring Uber because of two reasons – traffic and expensiveness. You will be spending 2000- 2500 INR monthly to commute within the city which seems to be a reasonable deal. 
  4. Anonymous Expenses–Living in a city by yourself is an open invitation to several anonymous expenses. It includes your sudden plan for a movie, a broken phone screen, dinner at a good restaurant, etc. It is hard to predict the exact amount but on average people spend 5000 – 6000 INR monthly in anonymous expenses. 

Finally living in a metropolitan city considering all the expenses would build up to 22,000 INR monthly. 

  1. Paying Guest in Chandigarh – Also known as The City Beautiful, Chandigarh, it is one of the cleanest and peaceful cities in the entire country. The well- planned city is known to be on of the best places to live. Since it is a non- metro city with limited population, consider living under the budget here. If you are planning to move to Chandigarh, then welcome to greenery, clean and broad roads, peace of mind and a less polluted environment. It consists of some of the finest medical and engineering colleges. The following calculation is based on living as a paying guest in Chandigarh–
  1. Accommodation – Accommodation is cheap in the city beautiful. You may expect spending around 6000 INR- 9,000 INR monthly on pg in Chandigarh on double sharing basis. Some of the famous localities in the city are – Sector 22, 17, 7,8, 21. Even if you live a little far from the destination, it will be still manageable because of easy commute and less time consumed on the roads. 
  2. Food –Paying guest houses do include food but sometimes it is not suited to your gut. In such cases, you may opt for tiffin services or per plate system. It would not cost you much. Expect spending around 5-6000 INR on your meals from good places.
  3. Transport – It depends how do you travel to calculate your transport. But if you take an auto or rikshaw and sometimes uber to reach nearby places, it will be sorted between 1500 INR- 2000 INR monthly. You will get plenty of vehicles to travel from point to another so need not worry about it. 
  4. Anonymous expenses – Living a good life in Chandigarh does not require a god financial back up. You can go to watch movies, eat in fancy restaurants and expect yourself to spend under 5000 INR. Although for all the spendthrifts, who like to spend on expensive clothes, food joints and travel in Uber, can add on by themselves. 

By the above calculations, you can lead a decent life as a paying guest in Chandigarh till 15,000 – 17,000 INR monthly. The amount is totally variable and dependent on how you spend, where you live, and what you eat. From the above comparison, it is seen that by spending the same amount in a non- metro city as the metro one, you can lead a better life there. The above calculations are subject to vary based on your own decision. Choose your city wisely based on your aspirations.