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In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine a popular resource that no one would be promoting, and it was popular due to its development, because the number of sites on the Internet is growing, more and more companies and business processes are transferred to the virtual plane, and this is competition. Unlike the development of the site 10-20 years ago, when it promised a possible entry into the online sales market in your area, and a few pages were enough to get into the TOPs of search engines – the only aggregators of all resources, in 2020 to promote your resource requires a whole arsenal:

1. SEO – search engine optimization and promotion;

2. SMM – social media marketing, social media promotion;

3. PPC – contextual advertising.

Of course, the most effective way to promote a site is to use all directions at the same time and an integrated approach to marketing, however, the effectiveness of using some of them may vary depending on the area and type of activity, and, for example, SEO is not applicable for sites like Landing page as well as in classic marketing, in Internet marketing an important role is played by the budget for promotion in each of these areas, while from each of them you get a different conversion rate, after which we recommend reallocating the budget of your advertising company.

Search engine promotion

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main method of website promotion, as it is aimed at increasing positions in search engine results for various queries that make up the “semantic core “. This way you can reach a larger audience:

1. Customers who are only interested in a service/product and want to know more;

2. Customers who already use the service/product, but they are not satisfied with


3. Customers who are purposefully looking for a specific service or product.

The semantic core can be expanded or reduced depending on the niche, the goals pursued, as well as the creativity of the approach, which in turn will expand or narrow the circle of visitors and, as a result, potential customers.

Another plus, compared to other types of promotion, is the absence of cost per click, that is, for each visitor or client, which allows you to increase traffic without increasing the budget due to the expansion of the semantic core.

Despite the obvious economic benefits of this type of promotion, it is very demanding on another resource – time. To see the first results of promotion, for different projects you need to spend up to half a year in constant work on the site. However, it also works the other way around – SEO results are not canceled if you pause. In simple words, there is no “switch” effect in website promotion in search engines. The timing of promotion is related to the current state of the project, delays on the part of search engines, as well as the competitive environment. Despite this, there are specialists on the market who guarantee the client high positions, payment upon promotion, and payment for traffic for positions by keywords, but in fact this can be an indicator.

To protect yourself and your project, you need to understand that a 100% guarantee of results in real conditions is almost impossible due to the principles of SEO and the presence of variables. You can always find best and cheap SEO service for your project.

It should always be remembered that if the site is new, then it is always “catching up”, since competitors have been working in this direction for some time, and, what is important, they are not going to stop.

SEO pros:

1. Endless expansion of the site’s audience by expanding the semantic core;

2. No cost for each client or just a visitor;

3. Keeps running even if you pause;

Cons of SEO:

1. It takes time for the result;

2. Not applicable to landing pages;

3. In some cases the budgets are very large.

Social media promotion

The use of black promotion methods, which will be followed by a ban in the search engine; ineffective promotion for low quality requests; sale of secondary services. Search engine algorithms are trade secrets, no search engine discloses them; for black promotion methods that guarantee quick results, the resource can get banned; the budgets of competitors who invest large sums;

This type of promotion has two main directions: maintaining a public page or group (public), and conducting an advertising campaign in social networks. Maintaining a page in social networks are quite laborious work, since for its high-quality implementation the specialist (s) must have:

1. Skills of writing literate texts for posts (records);

2. Design skills for adding graphics to posts;

3. Knowledge about the product / service and understanding of human psychology;

4. Creativity.

Advertising campaigns on social networks are a targeted type of advertising that promotes a product or service to a given audience. Thus, with the correct setup of an advertising campaign, your ad is shown to your target audience, which makes it possible to increase the chance that your product or service will interest a potential buyer. 

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