Content Marketing Strategies for Hard-To-Reach Audiences

The main goal of any marketing branch was always delivering the right message to the right audience. If your product is presented to the wrong group of people, all of the time and money you have invested will effectively go to waste. This issue comes especially relevant in terms of social media and content marketing since not all audiences we may want to market to are tech-savvy enough to get the message we are sending.

But, regardless of these challenges, any niche market can be cracked with the use of proper content strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective.

Define and research your target audience

In order to mold your content based around the needs of some specific audience, you need to have a pretty good idea of how to make this audience and what are the needs, preferences, expectations, and demands of these people. Niche consumers often end up overlooked because learning their pains and providing solutions to their problems requires an approach outside the traditional online marketing patterns. Making this extra effort can help you to easily capture an entire customer base, no matter how small it may be.

Use the endless reach of social media

Everyone uses at least one of the popular social media platforms. If you have a problem improving the brand visibility and reaching out to hard to reach people, these are the doors you should start knocking at. The interactive nature of these platforms also gives you an excellent opportunity to see how your content performs amongst the selected audience first-hand. Still, be careful not to overexpose yourself with excessive paid ads. Once you start irritating your intended customers, they will not engage with the future content you publish, and you will shut this marketing channel down.

Give your content a sense of urgency

In other words, your passive audience needs to be motivated to take action. Let’s take the heavy industry as an example for this one. Any O&G company can benefit from replacing their legacy systems with the quality oilfield equipment that is more durable and efficient. But, why would you fix the infrastructure that ain’t broken? This is the reason why the benefits we have mentioned need to be clearly explained, supported by research, and spiced up with a sense of urgency. In the case of the O&G industry, that would be the evident need to move in a more sustainable direction. 

Talk with the customers, not at them

However, the marketing approach we have mentioned above can be a double-edged sword. To be more precise, you are running a risk of coming off preachy, or in the worst-case scenario, even pandering. That is why you should strongly avoid singing praises to your company and deliver the messages you need to deliver in the conversational rather than lecturing tone. Your niche target audience needs to feel that you are there to listen to their problems and make their lives better instead of desperately trying to sell them your products.

Build the trust within the community

This approach is closely tied to the topic we have just mentioned. When you are working with a niche audience, you should start thinking long-term. So, instead of trying to push as many products as you can turn your website into a valuable, trustworthy source of information and the place of gathering for people interested in your niche. Placing yourself in the heart of the community will allow your company to grow organically with it and ensure countless repeated visits that will, in time, transform visitors into buyers.

Use visual assets

Use visual assets

This might just be the perfect approach for audiences that, due to age, demographics, or language barrier, have a problem engaging in traditional content marketing channels. According to recent research, as much as 70% of YouTube viewers watch videos to find help for the problem they are having with job, studies or hobbies. Since messages are delivered in a visual and easy to understand manner, these short instructional pieces are inherently engaging and marketable. So, why wouldn’t you use them as a gateway to your website?

We hope these couple of strategies gave you some general idea about the approach you can take to crack niche communities and relate to hard to reach audiences. The most important thing to take away from this is that no market is impenetrable. You only need to find the proper key for the lock.

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