How to Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to learn how to how to develop a killer content marketing strategy? Then this article is for you. Let me explain. When you establish a new business, your goal may be to expand your customer base. As if that is not enough, educate users about your products and increase revenue. What’s more, help in building a powerful brand. 

According to Pew Research, 26% of adults in the US are almost always online. Get this: They form 77% of US adults that go online daily. 

So let’s take a closer look at some of the steps you ought to take to build a content marketing strategy. Here we go.

Define your goal

You need to answer the question as to why you are making it. Then look at what you are going to create. The goal will assist you in measuring the success of your campaign. The target can be to increase the traffic, add new subscribers and conversions. Others include; increasing app downloads, video views, social shares sales, and podcasts downloads. 

Check out this: Understanding your goal in the early stages will be a guiding factor in making critical decisions about content marketing strategy. The most common goal in content marketing is; email signup or free trial signups.

2. Know your audience

Here is the secret. You need to be sharing the content that your audience likes. The cool thing is that; the desired content will draw people to follow you by visiting your website and buy from you. You cannot achieve this unless you are always researching to know your audience. 

How do you start? The solution is to go through your website and social media analytics and conduct an audit. To further that, take a review of your competitors together with their social media accounts. Similarly, consider doing a survey and ask them questions directly, giving you a starting point to plan.

3. Set up a blog

Building a blog is a technical aspect of a content marketing strategy. You have an option of making your blog on a WordPress powered blog. The remaining choice is to host your content on an external domain such as Medium (Writing), YouTube (videos) and Apple (podcasts). Sounds good?

How can you beat that?  Building a new website grants you the flexibility to customize it in the way you want. You should be ready to meet development costs. Contrary, pre-existing platforms like YouTube requires fewer customizations with little startup costs. 

But remember this: by establishing your content online, you will access an audience that tries to discover what you hold for them. 

4. Update your current content

Suppose you have been publishing. Re-evaluating and updating your content will boost your marketing strategy. Let’s see exactly how it works. Firstly, you need to understand the type of content you are to produce for your audience. Capture relevant topics that you will be publishing consistently. 

So take the next step and go through published content. Analyze it to determine if it meets your marketing goal. See if it speaks to your audience, if not then you will have to update it or pull down the entire content for a revision. 


If you have a correct plan, your content marketing strategy will be useful. You want to remain on top and boost your income, right? Remember, your competitors are not sleeping. That’s is a wakeup call that for you to get better results. The exercise is not a walk in the park. Just get it done for you to enjoy good returns.

Most importantly, stay committed to your goal until you attain better results. Life is full of choices and a deliberate action that uplifts your business can be ideal for you. 

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