Coronavirus – Symptoms and Effective Precautions to Stay Safe

Coronavirus has spread like a wildfire in the last two months. If you have been following the news, you already how Coronavirus has initiated worldwide chaos. To believe reports, around 145,000 cases have already been confirmed while 5,400 infected people have lost their lives. 

As a result, it’s extremely imperative to be extra cautious and take the essential preventive measures to stay on the safe side. Keep in mind that Coronavirus is no joke and taking precautions is the best way to be safe. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about Coronavirus, its symptoms, and the effective precautions that’ll keep you safe from getting infected. 

What is Coronavirus?

According to WHO, Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that usually affect the animals. However, a new virus in the family, called the Covid-19, has the ability to transmit to the human body as well. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is a severe virus as the 20 percent of registered cases have been marked “critical”. 

The death rate for Coronavirus varies between 0.7 percent and 3.4 percent. Even though the number may seem comparatively lower than other Viruses’ death rate (MERS with 30% and SARS with 10%), it is still a huge threat to the human population. 

Since Covid-19 has mutated into two strains, developing a vaccine is getting more and more challenging for scientists. And, that’s the reason there’s no working treatment to cure Covid-19 yet. 

As far as the origin is concerned, Coronavirus is expected to originate from a wet market in China, that sells both dead and live animals. Due to its resemblance to the SARS, scientists have said that bats can be the source animal of the virus. Although, no one has confirmed it yet. 

How Coronavirus is Spread and What are the Symptoms?

Covid-19 spreads like regular cold and flu. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the droplets (containing the virus) land on a surface and are further picked by a healthy person. This is the main reason why Coronavirus has spread at such a high rate across the globe. 

As far as the symptoms are concerned, Covid-19 has similar symptoms like a regular cold/flu. Some of the major symptoms include:

  • High Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sore Throat
  • Runny Nose

In severe cases, the patients may even feel difficulty in breathing as well. These symptoms may take 2-14 days to appear after exposure to the virus. 

What are the Precautions to Stay Safe from Covid-19?

Since your hands are going to pick the virus by coming in contact with infected surfaces, it is always a good practice to frequently clean your hands. You can use a hand-sanitizer or regular soap to keep your hands clean all the time. 

A hand sanitizer is a more optimal choice as you can use it anytime you want, even if you’re commuting to work on public transport. Some other precautionary measures to stay safe from getting infected, include:

  • Keep your hands clean all the time. Don’t go too close to people who have a cold, cough or the flu. 
  • In case you’re sick, avoid going to work and stay safe at your home. 
  • While coughing or sneezing, make sure to cover your face. 
  • If you are sick, it is good to wear a face mask, even if you’re at home. You would want to keep your closed ones safe too. If someone’s taking care of you, make sure that they wear a mask as well.

These are a few of the ways to prevent the virus from entering your body. Follow these precautions and always stay on the safer side. 

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