6 Best Law Firm CRM Systems For Efficient Management

CRM Systems

Lawyers need customer relationship management software to manage their client relationships efficiently. In this post, we are presenting a list of some of the best law firm CRM systems that will help you provide a fulfilling experience to your clients. A suitable tool takes care of all client relationship requirements like progress tracking and managing contacts. At the same time, it helps attorneys manage and track new leads. CRM software solutions are also helpful in extracting data for analyzing the workflow of a firm and track its success rate with current and new clients. These tools play a valuable supporting role in implementing online marketing for law firms. Following are some of the best CRM tools that law firm owners can use to improve their productivity: 

1. Lexicata

Attorneys can use Lexicata which is a tool that has been specifically designed for them. It comes with a powerful lead source tracking feature that helps lawyers identify the sources of their best clients. This provides them with valuable insight as to where they should focus their marketing efforts to boost the conversion rate. Users can segregate their contacts into labeled, searchable lists which helps them in easily locate the desired entry. The product can be used to run automated drip e-mail campaigns and create custom online intake forms.

2. Law Ruler

Another good option with practice management and client intake features, that law firm owners can use is Law Ruler. The product automates various lead nurturing and conversion processes. It contains follow-up automation features like customized online intake form generation. The solution also enables attorneys to send automated text and e-mail reminders to potential and existing clients. This is helpful in engaging existing clients and encouraging potential ones to convert. The product is compatible with most of the practice management tools available in the market.

3. InterAction

LexisNexis, the popular online legal research service offers InterAction, an innovative CRM tool for legal professionals. It is a widely-used product that is preferred by all kinds of attorneys and firm owners. The solution helps build a smart relationship management strategy by identifying new business opportunities within the user base and then aligning them with the most suitable human resources of the firm. It uses artificial intelligence to collect accurate data in an automated manner. The CRM easily synchronizes with Outlook and other systems.

4. Pipeliner 

The next entry in this list of the best law firm CRM tools is Pipeliner. It is a powerful system with automated workflows and a convenient interface with drag and drops functionality. The product comes in two versions namely, hybrid and cloud. The hybrid variant uses your system as well as the service’s cloud infrastructure while the cloud version is based totally in the cloud. It has extensions for synchronizing with Gmail and Outlook. The tool has over 100 integrations for connecting with various third-party services like MailChimp. 

5. Nutshell

Nutshell is a CRM solution that focuses on sales professionals but its pipeline and contact management features will be useful for lawyers too. Attorneys can use it to collaborate with other professionals on a case. They can import all data like e-mail, contacts, and calendars from other sources to the system. The product supports multiple integrations which can help legal professionals like Office 365, Outlook, MailChimp, and more. The service does not have a proper client intake facility like some other products. However, this issue can be easily resolved by integrating the system with Zapier. 

6. HubSpot

HubSpot provides a robust tool that is available for free. Subscribers can save up to 1 million contacts and add unlimited users to their accounts. The cloud-based service enables users to automate many repetitive client relationship tasks. This will free up lawyers and they can use the extra time in conducting meaningful interactions with the audience. Its clean visual dashboard gives a clear view of the entire funnel with real-time updates. The tool logs every client interaction automatically and synchronizes with Gmail and Outlook. Its intuitive interface and handy features make it an ideal tool for independent legal practitioners and small law firm owners.


Finding new clients is not an easy task and the intense competition in every practice area makes it essential for lawyers to use technological solutions. The best law firm marketing CRM software tools mentioned here will be helpful in managing client interactions efficiently and nurturing leads successfully.

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