Damaged teeth after braces

Braces are the device which is used to straight and align the tooth to remove the gap and crooked teeth along with the improvement of dental health. But sometimes, the urge of getting a beautiful smile can damage the teeth.

There are many cases in which the tooth had damaged after removing the braces according to an orthodontist in Fredericksburg, VA. What is the reason behind the damaged tooth? Let’s discuss the whole pair and damaged teeth process.

Causes and precautions of tooth decay after braces

There are some of the basic things which become the primary reasons for tooth decay after braces. A little bit of care can save your teeth from being damaged. Some of the causes are:

• Cause: When some food articles are left in the teeth, they come in contact with the acidic environment inside the mouth. These acids result in the breaking down of the surface of teeth. This can damage the teeth or can be left some white scars at the place of wearing braces.
Precaution: It is essential to brush your teeth after anything you eat. It is good to remove all the sugary and oily foods from the teeth to keep them clean.

• Cause: Sometimes, the negligence of the dentist can also create a problem for the patients. While wearing braces, gingivitis can start to set, and if it is unchecked, then it is it can process to periodontitis. This condition of teeth can ultimately lead to tooth loss.
Prevention: A right dentist will always be your best friend. Before thinking about wearing braces, search a well-experienced dentist who can take care of your teeth very well and can set your teeth without any mistake.

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• Cause: Some foods should be avoided while wearing braces. The hard or tough foods which are not easily broken can damage your braces teeth. Some foods or bubble gums, which required chewing a lot also harm the teeth. Ice or cold things can make teeth sensitive.
Precaution: It is better to avoid such things for some time or consume it in the least amount.

• Cause: Some kids have myofunctional habits which make the teeth crooked again after braces. Such practices include the continuous sucking of the thumb, tongue thrusting, taking the breath from mouth or kids using the pacifiers.
Precaution: These all are not good habits. Tell your baby to avoid such things or stop them strictly whenever you saw them making myofunctional habits. If your kid is big enough to take liquid from the glass, then avoid using pacifiers or bottle.

• Cause: Sometimes, lack of nutrition and calcium foods can also lead the tooth decay after braces.
Precaution: Braces can only make the alignment of the tooth straight. It cannot prevent your tooth from decay. You have to take care of healthy foods.

• Cause: Lack of appointments and regular check-ups from a dentist can damage your braces. Sometimes the braces loosen up, or the wires get too much tight that it can damage the tooth.
Precautions: If you are wearing braces, then you must take regular check-ups according to your dentist. Follow all the guidelines of doctor to eliminate the tooth damage or decay problems.

Self-care to avoid damaged teeth after braces

• Brush your teeth with gentle hands and soft compact toothbrush. Move the brush in a circular motion and also brush the gum line.
• While brushing teeth make ensure that you are even brushing at the gap between the wire and the teeth.
• The fluoride toothpaste prevents your teeth from damage. This is the only thing which makes the teeth more resistant to fight against the acid, which is produced after eating foods.
• Cleanliness is one of the most important things which all dentist suggest to keep the teeth healthy.