Data Recovery from HFS and HFS+ Partition?

What is HFS and HFS+ Partitions?

Expanding as a Hierarchical File System, HFS is a file system present in Macintosh hard disk drives used in Apple products. HFS file system is specially designed to support the hard disk drive upon formatting in order to create a directory that could further form new folders and files. As HFS file system was uniquely designed` for Mac systems which means it cannot be opened or even recognized in a Windows computer system.

However, HFS could not fulfill the requirement of accommodating hard disk drives storing high volumes of the data such as 100 GB and above, the need for a better file system was felt. Therefore, Apple introduced an advanced file system which was named HFS+ partitions which also known as HFS was extended. HFS+ created files and folders which were smaller and had reduced block sizes which further reduced the space taken by each file and folder. Hence proving that HFS+ was capable of managing the space in a more efficient way especially on larger disks.

More space stored more data and hence whenever there is a data loss issue, the user loses a lot more data than usual. So, there is a need for a better option for Mac data recovery from HFS which also covers the recovery of HFS+ partitions.

What are the reasons for HFS and HFS+ Partition Data Loss?

There are various reasons which result in the data loss from HFS and HFS+ partitions and here is a list of the few very common ones:

  • Accidental Formatting: Users tend to format the partition accidentally which will directly affect the data present on the hard disk drive.
  • System Crash: System crashes are abrupt and hence there is a hundred percent chance of some damage to the data on the system during a crash.
  • Virus Infection: Not a very uncommon reason for any kind of storage media to lose data is virus and malware infection. They damage the files and corrupt the data which needs to be recovered.
  • Directory Corruption: Directory corruption is a type of corruption when the MacOS cannot read them or access the hard disk drive.
  • Incorrect Shut Down: An incorrect turning off of a computer system can also lead to corruption of a file as the OS will not have enough time to store the files in use.
  • Rapid Deletion: When a drive starts running out of space, the user tries to delete the unwanted files which are taking a lot of space. This might lead to the deletion of important system files which can corrupt the file system.
  • Incorrect removal of a hard disk drive: Always ensure that a hard disk drive is removed properly and failure to do so can lead to the corruption of the file system.
  • Incorrect file system format: If there is an error saying “incorrect format,” it means that the system is most probably infected by a virus.

How to recover lost HFS partition files?

To repair Mac HFS partition table, follow the below mentioned simple steps and recover all the data needed:

  • Download Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac and install it on the computer system.
  • Once the software is running, select the type of files required to recover.
  • To proceed further, select ‘Can’t Find Volume’ from under the location head.
  • Select the hard disk drive from the new window which pops up and press Next.
  • The software will search and locate the lost Mac volumes and partitions.
  • From the list of found volumes and partitions created by the software select your volume and click Scan.
  • Once the process is over, the software will create a list of all the recoverable files and folders so that you can preview them.
  • After previewing, make a selection of all the files you wish to recover and press Recover.
  • Finish the process by saving the files in a new location.


Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac is perfect for deleted file recovery as well as to recover and repair HFS+ partition from Windows. Although the HFS partitions could not be read in a Windows computer system you can recover these partitions in the Windows system using the above-mentioned software. This software will perfectly recover all your HFS and HFS+ partitions along with other lost data from any Mac system. Also, the software is compatible with even the latest OS.

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