Decor Ideas for a Photo-Wall in your Hostel Room in Bangalore

Photographs are one of the most incredible ways of capturing your memories. Seeing one can take you down the nostalgia-lane, bringing alive a ton of feelings that you were experiencing at the time. If you are feeling a bit homesick, a look at a photo of your siblings’ silly antics is sure to make you laugh. Or how about pictures from that trip you took with your new hostel friends – that can sure set you in a good mood. Is it any wonder then that putting up photo displays in your hostel is one of the most fun ways of creating a warm and inviting environment, which you would love to come back to every day?

If you have recently moved to a paying guest or hostel in Bangalore and are still doing up your new room, getting some photo displays is the most pocket-friendly, DIY option to amp up the vibe of the place. Here are some ways in which you can create some attractive displays: 

Fairy Light Photo Displays

Cutting and clipping up your photographs with fairy lights is not just simple but also gives an incredible, Instagram-worthy look to your room. Arrange fairy lights over your bed, or hang them on a vacant wall and they will immediately give an enticing look to your PG in Bangalore. Get your photos printed in Polaroid size and clasp them to the fairy lights for a stylish showcase!

Be-ribboned Photo Chandeliers

If fairly lights seem cumbersome, you can even set up a bunch of snazzy ribbon ties to create a hanging photo chandelier. Use slender ribbons, mix and match patterns, sparkling ones, tie them up to different sized photos, and create a fun effect for your room. You can even gift a photo chandelier to your roommate as a birthday decor.

Photo Bottle Desk Decor

Setting your photos in bottles or jars can be an interesting tabletop decor layout. Utilize a wide glass bottle, or a glass container, and slip your photograph inside it. You can also paint or decorate the containers, add little lights or intersperse with some planters to create a pretty desktop layout.

Pin-up Board Display

Well, if you are staying in accommodation like Stanza Living, you know they have taken care of little touches like brightly colored pinboards across your rooms which are practical and pretty. Create your personal memory board with fun photos, sticky messages, and other bits and baubles. That way, every time you glance at your daily to-dos, you can also see your family and friends.

While room décor like photo displays is a fun and quick way to brighten up space, you should first search for the best PG in Bangalore to stay in so you can enjoy a well-constructed space with great amenities. Professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living fills this bill well because they have beautifully-designed, bright spaces, ergonomic furniture, casual yet elegant décor that creates a very inviting space. They also have a number of amenities and services for the new-age consumer so everyone can enjoy a hassle-free stay.

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