Diamonds: It is time to let the stones speak about “YOU!”

Diamond necklaces are a luxury item that you need not purchase regularly. Diamond jewellery does not have a large number of sales. Retail brands mark up their products when placed on the market. It is conceivable for a vendor to make a very low markup on their products and still make a profit with an online store. As a customer, it is up to you to set a price point before you’re shopping for diamonds. To estimate a diamond’s worth, you must understand the connection between the stone’s cut, clarity, and colour. 


Uncut diamonds are separate from cut diamonds. Wedding necklaces made of uncut diamonds are great for subtle brilliance and colour. There are several traditional shapes such as princess and pear. Princess cut diamonds are gorgeous. Diamonds in pear shape are popular danglers. As for diamond rings, the conventional round cut is the most popular one.


There is a large variety of shades to pick from. Still, white is among the most popular and affordable options that are available to you. If cash isn’t a problem, buy a diamond necklace bejewelled with the yellow ones and reward yourself with a pair of yellow diamond stud earrings. We advise avoiding the remaining colours unless you’re a die-hard collector.


Identifying qualities (blemishes and imperfections) that can be used to identify a diamond are referred to as its clarity. Diamonds with no or few flaws and blemishes are much more prized than those with less clarity since they are rarer. These inclusions and blemishes are two types of imperfections in most stones. Internal inclusions in diamonds include air bubbles and fractures. They can also be non-diamond materials, clouds, feathers, crystals, and knots. Scratches, pits, and chips are examples of diamond blemishes. Some blemishes arise throughout the cutting process.


When it comes to diamonds, size matters. Ever since the Cullinan diamond from South Africa has held the title of the world’s largest diamond (3,106.75 carats). It takes 200 milligrams to equal one metric carat, which is the unit of measurement used to calculate the mass of diamonds. The larger the stone, the more costly it will be to purchase it in the first place. It is something to consider for larger stone lovers. Solitaire diamond rings are more expensive than other rings since they only have one stone. It is due to the fact that solitaires are more challenging to produce than other types of diamonds. On the other hand, the smaller diamonds are put in elegant settings to create stunning neckpieces, bracelets, studs or nose pins.


As essential as it is to consider the wearer’s preferences when purchasing a piece of jewellery, it is sometimes overlooked when buying as a gift. A statement diamond necklace or jewellery can be the perfect option if your style is bold.

Metal Type:-

A stunning stone deserves an attractive metal. Gold is the most used metal for setting diamonds. Only 18 or 22K gold should be utilised to hold the expensive stone securely. To create the illusion of bigger diamonds and more brightness, seek for rhodium polish finish on smaller gold pieces. This set-up looks excellent and is reasonably priced. The finest platinum collections are also popular, with a silvery lustre that matches the diamond’s glitter. Stylish Platinum chains are the ideal choice for attracting attention. Alternatively, diamonds can be set in sterling silver, which is less expensive but requires frequent polishing to avoid corrosion.


The ideal in purchasing diamond jewellery is indeed the event when you plan to wear them. Every day diamonds, in the form of pendants and delicate bangles, have become extremely popular. Casual or everyday wear diamond sets are a terrific way of showing off your fashion essentials. But on the other hand, Party wear diamonds are heavier sets to add some “Glitz”. There are various ways to bring attention to yourself and your style by wearing just one piece of diamond jewellery.

The budget-friendly rings:-

Most shoppers seeking engagement or wedding rings want the most excellent bargain. Minimalist diamond rings from Vaibhav Jewellers are popular due to their inexpensive cost and broad appeal to ladies. Minimalist jewellery has led to less elaborate engagement rings. Wearing a ring is not exclusive to those who are engaged. A selection of lightweight diamond rings has been created by our expert jewellers to meet your taste and budget requirements. You can now be the centre of attention without having to spend a fortune.

Every day, shine brightly with a diamond necklace!

Why store diamonds for special occasions? You really have to get your hands on some exquisite pieces that you can display on a daily basis. Choose from our array of everyday jewellery. Add a diamond to your dull formal attire for a long-lasting sparkle that you can wear every day and outshine everyone else. A diamond necklace from daily wear has never been more diverse. With the sparkle of this precious stone, you’ll be able to make a statement every day at work. The jewellery you wear daily or in the workplace should be noticeable but not overpowering. Keep it simple but make sure it’s big enough to let people know you mean business! You can choose a dressier and more prominent pattern if you are into saree or salwar kameez. Shirts and pants should have a more subdued style to look their best on you. There are two options for jewellery: a conventional circular pendant with diamonds all around or a solo necklace.

Why us?

With over three decades of experience, Vaibhav Jewellers is unrivalled when it comes to producing the best gold, silver and diamond jewellery. As a leader in the field, we contribute a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to the creation of exquisite pieces that awe and inspire everyone who sees them. A detailed description and certification of quality are included with every piece of jewellery we offer.

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