It is an extraordinarily hot summer day, and the heat is becoming irresistible for you. Imagine you are standing at a beach, enjoying tiny grains of sand beneath your feet and the waves kissing. A single sight of clear blue water, feeling cold breeze touching your face will leave you mesmerized. You can picture people enjoying the sea in different swimwear, having sunscreens beside them and soaking all the freshness of the sea. You will wish to visit and spend your day at the beach to get relief from scorching heat surrounding you. 

If you are living in Australia, you cannot deny the fact that it is famous for the beauty of beaches, coffee, and Sydney’s opera house. During the summers, you might have seen people organizing beach parties, and you might have been invited to one. As much as the idea of going to a beach party excites you, the idea of having a trendy swimwear that can make you look amazing will also bother you and your struggle of choosing one of the best swimwear will be on the go. Summers are the best time to invest in swimwear if you are planning to spend your vacations in northern Hampshire at the beach. 

You can either spend your money on buying a bikini, one-piece or both. You are going to find a broad range of swimwear in Australia in your local shop or an international brand, and you will feel like you are spoiled with choices. If you are thinking about what swimwear you shall pick for the beach, here are a few ideas that can help you with your choice. 

1. Chlorine Resistant

The cleanliness of the beach is usually well taken care of, but one can always expect a little contamination. We aren’t saints, are we?  While picking your swimwear, it will be essential to be cautious about the fabric you are going to choose. A chlorine resistant fabric is going to save you from the unwanted chlorine content penetrating your skin. If you are going to a pool party, then it is a must to have swimwear that can block chlorine.

2. Sun Smart

You must be wondering, going to the beach on a hot summer, how can your swimwear be sun smart? Either you choose bikini or one-piece, a part of your body is still going to be kissed by sun rays. It is wise to spend on swimwear that is sun smart; after all, we do not want our bodies to face sunburn. You can pick swimwear that is similar to rash guard protecting your skin from rashes, and since it contains some amount of lycra, it will even prove to be sun protective. 

3. Animal Prints

Animal printed fabrics never fall out of fashion trends. We all must have seen our moms and their moms slaying animal printed dresses in one way or another. If you don’t want to go for the same old one colored swimwear range.  You can always choose something that will look new and unique besides being in trend for years. You can either pick a cheetah print, zebra lining or leopard print. 

4. Floral bloom

Summers are a time for everything to get in full bloom, even flowers. Seeing at flowers makes us feel good and refreshes our mood. A floral printed swimwear is going to make you feel all cheery and fresh for hours, and it is going to give a soothing effect to your eyes as well. Just like animal print, this trend is also an evergreen trend. 

5. Colors

If you have a thing for bright and catchy colors, we will suggest you pick something that resembles the themes of the 80s. During the 80s, the bright colors were so in trend even for swimwear. You can either pick a color block theme if you are going to buy a one-piece or you can have a bikini radiating all bright colors. 


Australian swimwear industry is constantly growing as the country, and half of its population is residing at a distance of 50km from the beach. This country can easily make the best out of its swimwear industry. We all want to show off our summer body in a trendy swimwear if we are to go to the beach. You can either slay a one-piece swimwear, one-shoulder trend, high waist cut, full coverage top as per your body shape and your comfort. You can also choose a wide range of one colored swimwear, or you can pick an animal or floral print swimsuit to soothe your summers and refresh yourself. 

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