Do You Have Cold or Sinus? Allow a Singapore Ent Sinus Specialist to Guide You

Most people don’t take minor cold and flu symptoms seriously! Usually, cold due to season change lasts for a week at best and gets treated easily with medication. A visit to your nearest physician helps to resolve this. However, there are times when cold symptoms become acute and don’t go away quickly. Here you need to take these symptoms more seriously, as it can be the onset of a sinus infection.

Understanding a sinus infection

Sinus occurs when a person’s air cavities get inflamed, inside the nasal passages. Chemical irritations in the sinuses, allergies, and infection can lead to sinusitis. It is not contagious, as few people interpret it to be. You might have an acute and chronic sinus infection. To know more about this, you can get in touch with a Singapore sinus specialist

Acute and chronic sinus infection 

A severe sinus infection usually doesn’t last for long. You can expect it to get better within four weeks. Generally, it takes place along with other respiratory issues. On the other hand, chronic sinus infections usually stretch up to twelve weeks.  There are times when it might resurface again. It is essential to note the symptoms of sinus infection. The important ones are:

  • Sinus pain

Pain is one of the prevalent signs! There are many sinuses on top and below the eyes. There are few behind the nose as well. All of it can hurt during a sinus infection. Swelling and inflammation result in the sinuses to pain along with pressure. People can have headaches or on either side of their nose. Sometimes, the pain is on the upper teeth and jaws, as well as between the eyes.

  • Unusual nasal discharge

During a sinus infection, you can witness nasal discharge in yellow, green, or appear cloudy. Usually, this discharge passes through the infected sinuses and the drains out through the nasal passages. Consult a doctor when you find it increasing or the mucus unusual. Sometimes, the nasal discharge might come along with a sore throat, itch, and you can even have a discomforting feeling all over your head.

It is known as postnasal drip and might give you an erratic sleep as well. Sometimes, it can also give you a hoarse voice as well. 

  • Nasal congestion

When the sinuses get inflamed, it might also limit the way you breathe through the nose.  Usually, the infection results in swelling in the nasal passage and sinuses. And it’s because of the congestion, your sense of taste and smell might get altered for a while.  Chances are your voice might also become very stuffy.

  • Acute sinus headaches

Usually, cluster headaches are familiar with cold and flu! But when you have a severe problem which has a numbing sensation on your head, you need to check with a doctor. Sinus headaches usually take some time to heal and cause immense discomfort. 

Today, you can have either a chronic or acute sinus infection. The symptoms are common for both. However, it is essential to check with a general physician or a sinus specialist to get the correct line of treatment. 

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