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Each fresh migrant arriving in Canada comes with many dreams, aspirations, and hopes to have a great job and lifestyle. Immigration in itself is a big herculean task to achieve after waiting for a few years. It involves much anxiety and navigating diverse loops. Finally, each immigrant aspires to integrate within the society in Canada. The most anticipated thing is becoming part of the multiethnic fabric that has been embraced by millions of immigrants globally. 

Once you land in Canada, you are first confronted with the formidable task of finding a place to reside. Then, you have to organize all your vital documents and apply for jobs in Canada. For most of the freshly landed migrants, this is the toughest thing to do. 

To get a job in Canada is similar to obtaining a job in any of the advanced nations. You can apply for the job openings of those companies for whom you think you are competent enough. After a couple of weeks, you may receive an interview call or even a job offer. You may even get rejected. Things seem to be pretty simple for those who get the job. 

However, often, you may have to apply for fresh openings and positions. At times, it can be even weeks or a few months before you get a suitable job in Canada

The job search will continue to transform with advancements in automation and AI – artificial intelligence. These tech tools are transforming the manner Recruiters are seeking talents and organizing interviews. 

As per the Canada Salary Guide 2020, 83% of the firms plan to embrace automation tools, Machine Learning – ML or AI in the upcoming 2 to 3 years. The aim is to streamline the process of recruitment and onboarding. 

How can you rise up to the occasion? Here we present the top 10 tips to get your dream Canadian job in 2021: 

Enroll for Job Alerts

You must get smarter and stop spending hours seeking job postings online. Instead, you can identify new openings by enrolling for job alerts on career sites like Glassdoor, Linked In, and others. 

You will get a notification as soon as a job matching your criteria gets posted and you will save valuable time. Moreover, applying immediately also enhances your chances of being noted by the Recruiter. 

Customize your Resume as per the Job 

Hiring Managers today use automated and AI-enabled Resume filters for eliminating candidates who do not match the job role specifications. Your resume must thus emphasize your most appropriate experiences and skills for the job. It implies including keywords like ‘project management and ‘data analysis in the job description. 

Nevertheless, this does not imply that you alter your resume with each job application. Job descriptions do overlap. You must identify the common experiences and skills required for the kind of role you are seeking to assist you in creating a solid resume. 

Interact professionally with a chat-bot too 

The frequency of Hiring Bots is on the rise. These help in the automation of interview schedules, answering queries, and filtering candidates. It is vital to remain professional in your interaction even if it is with a bot.  

Your interaction with a Hiring Bot is written evidence accessible by Hiring Managers. Thus, interact with a chat-bot like you will with a Recruiter. Do not hesitate in asking queries to know more regarding the job role and the company. 

SEO of your profile in LinkedIn 

Cutting-edge tools in data analytics on LinkedIn are being utilized by Hiring Managers for detecting and engaging with apt dynamic and inactive job seekers. Having an updated profile and endorsements inclusive of recommendations from Managers can enable you in getting noticed by the precise people. Ensure indicating your industry, a catchy headline, as well as key phrases applicable to the roles that you are seeking. 

Having an active presence on Social Media 

Having a dynamic existence on Social Media will assist you in getting identified by Recruiters. For example, you can follow companies and Influencers on LinkedIn. You can also share or like content that is suitable for your industry or core domain. Also, you can participate in discussions on forums and post your professional insights too. 

Seek a positive work ambiance 

Your success in career and happiness are also reliable on how perfectly your style of work and values match with the values of the company. You can evaluate the culture of the company by reviewing the online reviews of the company. Also, you can navigate through the social media and career sites of the company. 

Ask the prospective Manager as to what a workday at the company looks like during the interview. Accordingly, you must be ready for communicating your interpersonal processes. 

Have a Mobile ready Resume

Job openings can surface from unexpected quarters. This could be even when you are surfing on your android phone. Make sure that your Resume can be accessed from all types of devices. It will help you to apply for job openings anywhere, anyplace, and anytime. 

You must also have a mobile compatible resume. It includes not using columns to ensure fitting in the phone pane. You must also include your email address, mobile number, and the most appropriate details on the top. 

Develop and preserve your professional connections

AI and identical technologies are today transforming the process of hiring. However, it is people and not gadgets that will continue to play the deciding role in hiring and engaging staff. It is thus crucial that you develop and preserve your connections both online and offline. 

You must ensure to include in your networking plan some methods to meet and associate with people. This could be participating in meet-up events, networking events, and organizing networking coffee dates. You can make use of platforms for mentoring like Ten Thousand Coffees. 

Up-skill yourself 

Finding the right skilled candidates is one of the biggest challenges for employers. As per Hays Salary Guide 2020, 78% of the employers in the US have reported being impacted by the shortage of skills. It is even higher in Canada with 82%

Commit yourself to up-skilling if you want to be targeted by employers. You can acquire the most advanced skills in demand based on your profession through online platforms without making a hole in your wallet. 

Do more than the standard 

You must do something really impressive to catch the attention of the employers. It does not imply swaggering all your accomplishments or a flashy resume. What is important is that you demonstrate and not just say that you can be a valuable asset to the organization. 

Research regarding the company, ask queries and explore ways to assist the company in achieving its goals. For instance, create a presentation or a prototype that emphasizes your skills and offers a solution to a real-life challenge. 

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