Does Cenforce Have Less Side Effects Than Kamagra Oral Jelly?

With the growing age, a lot of men tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is certainly one of the major issues that a lot of males tend to face. However, with the improvement in the field of medical science, you do not require to feel stressed out or low in confidence in front of your partner anymore. Cenforce is basically a generic brand of Viagra. This is commonly known as Cenforce 100 and it contains similar kinds of ingredients, like that of Sildenafil Citrate. It comprises the PDE5 inhibitor which is responsible for treating erectile dysfunction and is also an active ingredient that is often prescribed by different medical practitioners across the world. It is generally used to treat impotence in men around the globe. This functionality is all the same if you are thinking of using Kamagra Jelly as it too contains Sildenafil Citrate. However, it is essential to ensure that the individual taking Cenforce or Kamagra Jelly is above the age of 18 years. 

How does Cenforce and Kamagra Jelly work in men?

As earlier said that Cenforce is basically used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men, such a situation usually occurs in men when he is diagnosed with the inability to have a firm erection that is enough for sexual intercourse. A lot of men are seen to suffer from this trouble for more than 3 months at a stretch and that’s when he should know to meet a doctor. It is generally seen among men of older age; however, the issue can exist in men of all age groups. Men intaking excessive alcohol and smoking can be affected of this disorder. 

Physical stimulation leads to the arousal of sexual hormones among men, which in turn, results in the flow of excess blood through the penis, thereby resulting in a phenomenon wherein a man gets an erection. Cenforce or Kamagra Jelly makes sure that a man is able to witness this arousal as the neurons otherwise do not support this phenomenon. 

The same goes for Kamagra Jelly as well. It is usually recommended to have a sachet of Kamagra Oral jelly about 15 minutes prior to the time you expect to have sex. You need to consume the entire sachet at a go! The best thing about this medicine is that it works best for men who tend to face difficulty in consuming tablets or pills. All you need is to mix the entire contents of the sachet in water and drink it simply. 

How is Cenforce and Kamagra Jelly administered?

A man should intake Cenforce at least 4 hours prior to the time he wants to have sexual intimacy with his partner. It is said that it starts to show its impact anywhere around 30 minutes to that of an hour after consumption. Cenforce 100 usually does the job, however, your doctor would be the best one to advise you in case you need one with a higher dose based upon your physical requirements and your capabilities. 

Kamagra Jelly is also administered the same way as that of Cenforce. All you need is to make sure that you are taking the medicine approximately an hour or two before having sex to fetch the maximum satisfaction and pleasure while you are on the bed. However, once you have already consumed Kamagra Jelly, make sure that you are not repeating the dose within 24 hours. 

Does Cenforce or Kamagra Jelly cause any side effects?

Cenforce usually will not cause side effects. However, there are certain measures that you should be noted if you are using any! It is generally said that you should not be repeating the dosage within a span of 24 hours after you have already taken a pill to ensure preventing an overdosage. Also, Cenforce contains Sildenafil Citrate which may interrupt your consumption of grapefruit. Hence, better to stay away from it as it may jeopardize your health otherwise. 

Kamagra Jelly also does not cause any side effects if you are using it in a limited way. You should not overdo anything as that may lead to severe results. Besides, it may lead to serious health hazards at times. Therefore, it is always ideal to make sure that you count the advice of your doctor. If you are already undergoing any sort of medication, it is always ideal to take the suggestion of your physician to avoid unwanted results. 

Side effects of using Cenforce or Kamagra Jelly

Once the body gets adjusted to the drug, you would not see any side effect. However, till the time your body isn’t used to it, headache can be one of the biggest side effects that most men seem to address. Also, you may see a flushed look on your face including that of redness around your face and neck. Also, you may seem to have an interrupted vision including that of a blurry vision and color blindness. Usually, people say that they face trouble distinguishing between the color green and blue. 

Some other issues include diarrhea and dyspepsia or indigestion. Other troubles include stuffy nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, myalgia or muscular pain. Some men also suffer from terrible ache in the arms and legs. Other troubles include weakness and mild dizziness. In severe cases, you may face an issue with hearing. 

Using kamagra oral jelly may also show side effects, such as lightheadedness while you are standing up of sitting after you have been in a lying position. Apart from the side effects that were mentioned in case of Cenforce, Kamagra Jelly may also exhibit issues like runny nose and nasopharyngitis. However, all these side effects are transient and they would all go away after the effect of the drug goes away! 

Note: Any external medication can lead to complications. Therefore, you should never delay visiting a medical practitioner if you see adverse effects of the drug on your body.

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