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Windows PC does not have advanced image recovery functions, and you can blame anyone, but it won’t help in recovering lost files. There are many products available in the web market, and one search is enough to find solutions. However, the growing web market has hundreds of products and services available, but only a handful of them work smoothly. You cannot go around and test all of them to recover image files on Windows PC. Allow us to lift off the burden by introducing the R-Photo Windows program.

What is R-Photo?

R-Photo is a free photo and video recovery software for the Windows machine. The software developer R-Tools Technologies introduced it to the world keeping freebies in mind. The developer understands the pain of the users, who lost important photos, videos, and memories. You can download the freeware without spending a single penny to recover whatever you can from the storage devices.

We have conducted a real-time test, where we have a formatted 64GB DSLR SD Card. The challenge is to recover the images from the formatted SD Card.

Scenarios: Let us look at several scenarios that R-Photo can handle flawlessly.

  1. If you have formatted the storage drive accidentally.
  2. If the drive has suffered from data corruption.
  3. The drive got attacked by malware or other known threats.
  4. Windows crashed, which led to data corruption or data is no longer available in the drive.
  5. All important photos, videos, and pictures are lost or missing from the drive.

We have a few of the many scenarios that R-Photo is designed to take on. R-Tools Technology is a two decades software company, who has optimized freeware to produce results.

Can R-Photo recover photos & videos on Windows PC?

We want to answer the question by putting the R-Photo to test, and it is not possible without a real problem. We have a formatted SD Card, and our goal is to recover formatted Photos, Videos, and other media files.

Step 1: Our SD Card does not have any data in it, and let’s start the process by launching the program.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 1

Step 2: You can recover photos & videos from any drive or partition from the list. However, we removed the SD Card to show you that it can recognize and update the newly connected drives.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 2

Step 3: The SD Card appeared in the list, and then click on “Show Files” by highlighting the mouse cursor.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 3

Step 4: Now, click on “Deep Scan” to allow the R-Photo to go through the storage device.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 4

Step 5: The deep scan process will begin instantly.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 5

We have started the timer on iPhone and the process finished in an hour (59:07 seconds). 

We had 60GB worth of data in the storage device and the deep scan consumes a lot of time depending on the volume size and data size.

Step 6: All recovered images are listed in the program. R-Photo recovered 2664 photos and we did not store any videos in the storage device.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 6

Step 7: Select the recovered files separately or click on the “select all” button to select every image in the list.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 7

Step 8: Click on the “Recover” button to continue.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 8

Step 9: Now the file explorer will show up on the screen and locate the folder to save the files.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 9

Step 10: R-Photo finished the process within 20 minutes of time. 

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 10

Step 11: We checked the recovered photos and found high-quality photos that were taken at the event.

Recover Image FIles from storage drives - 11

We have demonstrated the photo recovery abilities of the R-Photo. We have recovered a lot of important files from the event and it can save your business as well. You no longer have to worry about lost photos & videos because R-Photo will recover most of the deleted or missing files from formatted drives as well.

R-Photo Features

We are going to look at several features that will help you in understanding what scenario it can deal with and if it is worth your time.

1. Portable

R-Photo Portability

We have to praise the developers for coming up with such an important feature, and it is portability. You don’t have to install the program in Windows installed partition and carry it in a USB Flash Drive or other drives. Portability will give the users the freedom to recover photos & videos from Windows installed drive and other corrupted storage devices.

2. Storage Device Support

The developer is around for two decades, and they have added storage devices compatibility that existed in the 2000s to date. In short, you can connect any storage device that Windows can recognize, and R-Photo will recover data from it. The program recognizes SD Card, HDD, SSD, USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick, Mini SD Card, Removable Drive, and more.

3. File System Support

Storage devices come in different shapes & sizes, and that’s the beauty of digital storage technology. Manufacturers have developed unique software called “file system” to make it functional. R-Photo is compatible with NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS, and others. In short, you don’t have to worry about the file system compatibility because R-Tools Technology designed the program to work with the 2000s or later released storage devices.

4. Operating System

It is a mere assumption that the world has shifted to Windows 10 because 200 million computers are running Windows 7 or earlier versions. The number could be higher as well because the survey did not include Windows Vista and XP edition. R-Tools Technologies always cared about the older Windows OS users, and the program supports Windows XP or later. R-Photo is a 32-bit program, so do not worry about incompatibility.

5. File Formats

You already have learned that R-Photo recovers photos & videos, but you don’t have information on file formats. There are hundreds of media formats like MP4, MP3, AAC, etc. We have to inform you that R-Photo can recover all universal media formats, and you got that covered as well. The program will detect and recover files that are released in 2020 or later but make sure to keep the program updated.

What’s the catch?

We have to address the elephant in the room and ask the big question.

Why R-Tools Technology offering such incredible software for free-of-cost?

  1. The company is around for two decades.
  2. The developer came up with the idea after losing photos and videos.
  3. The developer released the R-Photo software, so no one would regret losing important photos & videos.

You don’t have to input credit card or debit card details or create a free account. The program won’t steal personal information or sensitive information as well because it is a safe executable file.

Many people have different reasons to recover lost media files, but they all have one main reason & it is memories. The American developer does not want anyone to lose those memories, and that is all.

Bottom Line

R-Photo free photo & video recovery software works flawlessly, and we tested it before reviewing it. We found that 92% of photos are usable while the rest of the 8% are glitched or corrupted. However, we have to salute the program for retrieving the majority of the media files. Let us know what do you think about R-Photo in the comment section below.

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