Eliminating fleas through technology and use of flea bomb

Undoubtedly fleas are unwelcome in any home and they are irritating. They multiply pretty fast, and quite often, it’s difficult to handle the population of fleas at home or backyard. In the recent past, big companies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to detect and monitor pests on their premises. It involves the installation of an intelligent system around the premises to track down any pests activities. 

In the home setting, it may be expensive to put up such a system and an advanced flea bomb sprayer kit is an ideal solution. To understand the entire concept of how the use of technology has made it easier to get rid of pests, here is a complete guide for flea bomb.

Eliminating fleas through technology and use of flea bomb
Eliminating fleas through technology and use of flea bomb

How do fleas spread?

Finding the best flea bomb for your pet may be hard. The reason for this is because fleas prefer warm, wet or places with moisture. These small pests feed on pets, and the most noticeable thing is that your pet scratches continuously. You’ll also notice rashes, and this isn’t very pleasant.

Fleas also hide in the furniture, carpet, and beddings. In the worst-case scenario, a dog flea can lead to tapeworms and cause diseases to humans through transmission from pets and rodents.

The best way to deal with the risk of fleas is to eliminate through the use of effective insecticides and regularly shampooing your pets. Fleas lay lots of eggs that can hibernate for many months before eventually hatching.

An advanced flea bomb sprayer kit has everything in one package. Here, you’ll find a sprayer and flea bomb formula. You only need to read instructions before use.

What is a flea bomb?

Flea bombs are cans filled with an insecticide that eliminates fleas. They kill fleas instantly since they emit toxins. They are also known as flea floggers. The fog released encloses the area with flees and thereby kills the fleas.

These are popular amongst property owners struggling with a flea infestation at home. The most common brands are zodiac or raid. In most circumstances, they are effective in killing fleas though some pundits argue on their downsides.

For the flea bomb mist to be effective, it’s important to close any openings such as doors and windows. It’s important to inform other family members that you are using a flea bomb to eliminate flies.

The advantage of a sprayer kit is that the treatment can reach even far areas where fleas hide. The sprayer uses pressure and therefore its a more advanced form of treatment.

Are flea bombs effective?

For the flea bomb to work, it will depend on several factors. For example, what is the size of your enclosure where you intend to release the insecticide? If the place is small, then the flea bomb will reach even the hidden areas.

The effectiveness of the flea bomb will also depend on earlier preparation methods for the preparation. It’s important to get ready and seal off any openings to prevent any leakage through the doors or windows. If your doors have a gap beneath, then use a towel or an old blanket to seal off.

Most often, people normally forget that prevention is better than cure. Even as you use flea bombs to get rid of fleas, it’s important to put in place preventive measures. In most instances, fleas normally come for dogs, cats or rodents. Therefore, it’s important to treat your pets first before using flea bombs.

Can you use flea bombs around pets?

This question is common, especially among pet owners. Indeed the health of your pets is a worthy consideration when fumigating your home against fleas. The truth of the matter is, flea bombs are not safe to use around pets. Similarly, it’s important to ensure everybody leaves the house when spraying. The fog normally fills the air since it’s an insecticide, it’s not safe on your loved ones and pets to breathe in. Also, there may be some residue and pets are can lick and taste or touch.

Do flea bombs eliminate flea eggs?

The ability of the flea bomb to eliminate the flea eggs will depend on the brand. Some options contain harmful toxins that eliminate flea eggs, likewise, since it contains chemicals that prevent any growth of eggs. However, sometimes the mist might not reach the furthest places in the house or the room where eggs are.

Safety tips for using flea bombs

Below here, we expound further on the tips for keeping safe when using flea bombs at home. Notably, the process of disinfecting using a flea bomb may take longer depending on the level of infestation.  

Do not use a flea bomb next to a fire source

When using a flea bomb, ensure that the fire source is off. The reason for this is that it can ignite a fire which can cause an accident. When spraying, use away from electric outlets and other appliances. Ensure the electric gadgets are away from your room or keep them covered to minimize the risk of fire. Alternatively, switch off the main power supply at home.

Put up the warning posters

It’s crucial to alert your loved ones that you are using a flea bomb. You can put some flea bomb alert posters for anyone to read. Also, someone might open the window without knowing. Some suppliers of flea bombs usually provide tags for attaching to windows or doors.

Open the windows and doors when done

Once you have completed treating the room, open all the windows and doors to allow fresh air to get inside. If you have fans, you can switch them on for fresh air.


Although a flea bomb is useful in the elimination of fleas, it’s essential to take more steps to prevent a reoccurrence. Wash all the clothes and beddings and hang them out in the open to dry. Also, treat your pets and have a vet examine them. It’s vital to have a prevention measure for your pets and shampoo regularly, Vacuum the carpets and use steam to clean areas where fleas hide.

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