Engagement checklist to have a perfect engagement

Wow! So, you and the man of your dreams are now engaged. The happiness and rush that you feel when you get engaged to the love of your life are awesome. You cannot wait to start your life with your fiancé, but there is still time.

So, why not use this time to enjoy being engaged. I know there are so many things for you to do, like planning your wedding and honeymoon. That will keep on going, but you have to take out some time to do some fun things to make this engagement & post engagement period memorable for you and your fiancé.

Let’s check out some fun ways to do the same.

1.  Have a party

In western culture, after a proposal, the couple can host a party for close friends and family. In Indian culture, the parents throw a big engagement party where according to rituals the couple exchanges the rings.

Whatever you want to do, celebrate this feeling with your near and dear ones. As soon as you know that you are engaged or getting engaged, call everyone and let the celebrations begin.

2.  Post on social media

Come on! You know you want to. Even the person who doesn’t use social media much would love to post on social media about their engagement. So, write a great caption, it can be short or long but should be emotional and justifying your journey.

3.  Perfect ring selfie is must

The time to make a perfect ring selfie showing off your ring is now. You can take a picture with both of your hands entangled and the rings gleaming.

It is the perfect way to let everyone know that you are engaged without having to call or text everyone on your contact list.

4.     Create an engagement card for your fiance

On the day of your engagement or later, surprise your fiancé with a handmade card. It is a great way to show your emotions naturally, and it is a perfect engagement gift. Add a beautiful engagement wish for your fiancé inside the card.

You can pen your thoughts and choose from the best wishes to make the card a memorable gift.

You can use Canva for finding the perfect template for your card.

5.  Start creating your vision board

The post-engagement period is also crucial to your wedding and honeymoon planning. You need tons of things and ideas for decoration, makeup, styling, clothes, and so on.

Just so that everything doesn’t overwhelm you, create a vision board. Using it, you can clearly define by using the picture of how you want everything to look, and so on. It will make finding things and people easier which are according to your taste.

You can take help from Pinterest and other social media sites for the same.

6.  Go on romantic dates

If you are not able to go on a honeymoon directly after your wedding, you should spend some quality time with each other pre-marriage. After marriage, you will have tons of responsibilities and will be attending family dinners a lot.

You might not get much time, and if the honeymoon is far, it can be restless. So, sneak in some romantic dates with your partner before marriage. Go on lunch dates or meet for brunch or so on. Try to get to know each other a bit more and plan your future together.

7.  Time to start saving

Weddings are expensive, and you need to start saving for it. You and your parents both will be chipping in to make this day the happiest day of your life.

The key here is to create a budget and stick with it. You don’t want to get overboard your budget as you should save enough amount for your future and honeymoon.

8.  Ensure your ring

A lot of homeowners or specific jewelry plans are in the market that provides ring insurance. Find the one which is great and covers theft, damage, and loss. Rings are expensive and insuring them is a smart move.

Oh! Don’t forget to make checklist and start planning the wedding. Pick a venue, sort out a date, pick the caterer, baker, makeup artist, make a list of guests, and get your attires. All this is important, and also you enjoy your post-engagement period.

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