Everything You Need To Know About Giant Tigers & Its Loyalty Program!

Headquartered in Ottawa, Giant tiger is not a new name in the retail industry. Giant Tiger Stores Ltd., the Canadian discount store chain, having more than 250 stores across Canada, is one of the most popular retail stores in this niche. Offering huge discounts on fashion, groceries, home essentials, and fashion is the favorite one-stop-shop for everyone.

With such immense popularity in other sections, they have now stepped into the new market of the Canadian Loyalty program. Also, called the GT VIP, this loyalty program will be a super-saver on the weekly flyer. Want to know more about this program? Let’s get into the article:

What Is Giant Tiger VIP?

It’s a unique, pocket-friendly, and different loyalty program that gives VIP access for the deals that are purchased from the in-store. It includes contests, partner perks, and many other amazing deals. Also, these are exclusive deals and can only be accessed through your Giant Tiger account.

How Does This Work?

The VIP program allows Canadian people to have smart savings in different ways that are convenient and easy. First, you need to download the Giant Tiger app on your phone to access the VIP program. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Check Weekly Exclusive Deals And Offers:

There will be new deals every Wednesday, and you can have discounts on many different things. The deals will be exclusive and will feature discounts on items like fashion, home essentials, and groceries. You can also avail of this discount through the weekly saver Giant Tiger flyer.

Just enter the store, scan the bar code, or tell the cashier your mobile number to get discounts.

There Are VIP Benefits:

There are also some VIP benefits like exclusive participation in contests, sweepstakes, and other perks of partnerships like sporting events, restaurants, and more.

Six smart ways to save more money after shopping for food:

Buy Things That You Can Use Various Times:

Pick things like beans, rice, yogurt, flour, and other non-cooked food items to save more money. Instead of using pre-cooked and frozen, pick dry items that can be consumed for a longer time. You can also pick flavor enhancers like garlic and lemon, which can be used in different items.

Don’t Buy Singles; Shop In Bulk:

Different people have different storage options, and it’s better to store them in bulk. Buying a large number of things can save more money and sometimes can also offer discounts and coupon deals.

Have An Own Pantry:

Create a small pantry in your home and stock things that are available on a budget. You can buy extra olive-oil, sauces, spices, flour and things like that to keep in your pantry. While these things are pricey when bought single, you can definitely save when buying in bulk. And the best part, they all go along way.

Seasonal Foods Are Less Costly:

Enjoy berries in the summer, citrus in winters, apples in fall, as this will not be more costly and will help you save more. Also, local veggies, fruits are available in bulk and are thus cost-effective during the season. What’s readily available and is in season will save more money than the ones that will be shipped from another place.

Spend Money On Veggies:

Buying veggies can be less expensive than buying other groceries. Also, the veggies will add versatility to your food. Just give them a treasured spot in your fridge, and you will never regret keeping them.

Make Good Use Of Your Fridge:

Nothing is more disheartening than watching your veggies and money go waste for not keeping it right.

So, there were smart saving tips you need to keep in buying. Shop for best deals and get amazing offers!

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