Everything You Need to Know About Waist Training Before Starting

Corsets were introduced to the world first in Italy in the 1500s. They were an essential article of clothing for several European nations. Later, corsets evolved to become a fashion trend as well. Using this technique of lacing has been around for plenty of years. Corsets were used to help cinch waists. This is a technique that was back in the 1500s and continues to be used heavily even today. Even celebrities known for their exceptionally great figure, such as the Kardashian & the Jenners, are using these waist trainers. These waist training corsets can be used for postpartum waist training as well. So, the aim is to buy the perfect waist trainer for women. 

In very basic terms, waist training is the process of using a waist training corset to modify one’s shape of the waist. The results of using a full body waist trainer aren’t permanent. However, on a short term basis, these full-body trainers can alter your silhouette. 

How Waist Training With a Corset Works:

  • Corsets are made of special boning that’s also often referred to as ‘stays.’ These stays are rigid materials made with steel or whalebone, giving the corset its shape and rigidity. 
  • While using a corset, laces are used to pull tight the waist, drawing it in and compressing the muscle around the midriff. This ensures that one’s shape holds and stays for a long while. 
  • The stays and boning in the corset apply pressure gently on our ribcage while manipulating the lower ribs to shape the waist as desired. The ribs in the lower part of the body, also known as floating ribs aren’t directly attached to one’s ribcage. So, these ribs are delicate and moldable. Over time of using waist training corsets, the lower ribs can be gently shaped and, in fact, reduce the size of one’s waist. 

Points to consider before waist training:

  • It is totally safe: As opposed to postmodern thinking that it’s quite unhealthy for women to waist training, the reality is far from it. Waist training is safe, but it is also recommended that women under the age of 18 should refrain from taking part in such methods. 
  • The effects aren’t permanent: The effects of waist training aren’t permanent, and when you stop waist training, your body will turn to its foreigner glory and its natural shape pretty soon. 
  • Waist Training Does Not Meal Losing Weight: The process of waist training it to cinch down the waist and not aid in losing weight. It only creates a silhouette; however, it doesn’t help one lose excess weight. 
  • Consult a doctor before starting out: Anytime before you start something new, it is always a great idea to consult a professional opinion. This holds true for those with any pre-existing medical conditions. 

After paying attention to the above-said pointers, it’s time to focus energy and time on figuring out how to start waist training. 

How to Start Waist Training: 

  • New Mothers Should Use postpartum waist trainers: Corsets, as mentioned above, make use of bonings to help the waist hold its shape. However, these bonings aren’t healthy for use by post-pregnancy women. In such cases, instead of going for waist training corsets, it’s best to use postpartum waist trainers.
  • Your Waist Training Corset Must-Have Stays: One of the most crucial aspects of waist training is choosing the right waist training materials for use. While buying these corsets, make sure to buy those with stays. Stays are those bonings used to keep the structure of the corset rigid and provide the extra support needed for comfortably wearing them daily. 
  • Pay attention to the fit: Using waist training corsets is of no point if you choose one that loosely fits your body. It must be tight, but making sure that it’s not too tight or too loose is very important for its working. You can make the lace tighter over time, and refrain from doing so at the very beginning of the waist training period. Doing so helps ease the project. 
  • Safe Passage of Breath & Comfort: Using waist trainers isn’t a comfortable journey. It can be uneasy and uncomfortable at the beginning. However, make sure that you can breathe comfortably while still wearing the waist training corset, and that it’s not cutting off your oxygen supply. 

These are a few things to note before buying the perfect pair of waist training corsets and starting your journey towards looking akin to a Kardashian. 

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