Everything You Should Know About Advertisement Flags

Advertisement flags are among the most effective ways of marketing your business. The best part about using advertisement flags is, they can be put up anywhere, outdoor or indoor and, come in different shapes and sizes. These flags are easily portable and can be used for promoting a business’s grand opening, a new product or service, special event, or a sporting event. Also known as promotional flags, they are easily transportable and can be used for several purposes. This article summarizes everything you should know about advertisement flags, from its history to the shapes and materials they are found in. 


The idea of using flags as an advertisement tool was derived from some parts of Asia. People there flew kites to spread information and religious messages. A colorful banner with notes written in a large font would be attached to the toy to grab the attention of anybody who could see it. This soon evolved, and today, flags serve a broader purpose. They’re used by businesses to market their products and services in the same way. Just like the old times, flags are still swinging in the sky and manage to grab the attention of the customers towards a particular business.


Advertisement flags are manufactured into various shapes, particularly teardrops, feathers, and rectangles. Each of them has its own pros and cons that are as follows:

  • Teardrop – The least commonly used shape, it looks like an inverted teardrop; the upper part is round, while the lower half is pointed. These flags are usually mounted on tabletops since they’re small.  Because of their size, it’s quite difficult to fit text and images on them.
  • Feather – This shape is a little unusual. It looks like a rectangle, but one of the upper corners is curved. Feather flags are stable, so they don’t flutter with the wind. Because of this, the text and photo printed on them can be easily read. Feather flags are a good way to promote your business as the text printed on the flag is easily readable.
  • Rectangle – This one is the most common option because it’s simple and convenient. It can be horizontal or vertical, but either way, text, and images easily fit on the surface. The downside, though, is it flutters with the breeze, so you need to support its upper edge with a metal rod.


When producing advertisement flags, different types of cloth can be used. But, among the most popular ones are polyester fabric and nylon:

  • Polyester Fabric – This option is extremely durable since its made of high-quality threads. Its surface is smooth, glossy, and waterproof. An advanced computer system is used to print text and images on it, so you’re sure that the flag will look attractive. 
  • Nylon – The only way to put text and pictures on the surface of this material is through the silk-screen method. This fabric is also not as durable as polyester, but it’s still hard to damage unless someone deliberately cuts it. The main reason many people choose nylon when making custom flags is that it’s among the least expensive options.

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