Top Companies Offering Online Exam Proctoring Services

Exam Proctoring Services

Online education is rapidly becoming a conventional way of gaining knowledge. No matter, if you are a student or professional, online exam proctoring services have become a common practice to evaluate the level of your skills and learnings. From universities to schools to corporate organizations, countless establishments are conducting online exams, hence, there is an expanding need for infusing integrity and trust in tests conducted online.

There are many benefits of leveraging online examination. In the general run of things, exams require marking, invigilation, and standardization. However, in the case of online tests, modern tools can be used to automate these things to save cost and time, thereby providing the institution and candidates with a seamless process.

In most of the online assessments, a detailed report of a candidate’s performance is presented. Moreover, with invigilation services like proctoring, the entire procedure of conducting tests is automated that makes online examinations more organized and efficient.

There is a myriad of companies mushrooming to offer exam proctoring services, hence, the market for online proctoring is anticipated to be worth $10 Billion by the year 2026, according to research by Learning Light.

Given that you are looking for an exam proctoring service, you will have to explore various vendors to choose a suitable service that will help you maintain top-level exam integrity consistency. So, here I am today revealing a list of the top exam online proctoring services out there. Take a look to make a wise choice.


 A firm based out if Alabama (U.S.A), ProctorU is known for providing online proctoring solutions since 2008. The brand is popular for offering auto proctoring as well as live proctoring services. It has made a name of itself in the proctoring business by offering AI-driven solutions. The company serves institutions together with professional organizations.


 Mettl is based out of India and has recently merged with Mercer. It has gained prominence in the market for providing online assessment software, proctoring services along with skill evaluation tools. The company incepted in the year 2010 and since then, it has become a reputed place for acquiring several services, such as auto proctoring, record & review proctoring, live proctoring in addition to online identity authentication. Laureate Internal University and Ghent University are two of its renowned clients.


ExamStrong is powered by Credforce Asia Limited. It is a leading exam proctoring solutions provider out there. It is gaining attention for offering sophisticated, versatile, secure and rock-solid solutions to support highest-sake online assessments. It is associating itself to first-rate global educators, professional standards bodies, certification agencies as well as top-notch business corporations.


 Based out of Massachusetts, Examity is one of the most well-known providers of proctoring solutions. The company was founded in 2013 and in such a limited period of time, it has shown its high potential by creating ties with more than 500 clients. It offers solutions for live, auto as well as ID authentication to universities as well as corporates. Coursera, Amazon, and Tableau are some of its top partners.

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