Eyebrow Sculpting – The Next Popular Trend

Eyebrows are something that makes a world of difference to one’s facial appearance. Either you are too young or old, maintaining your brows take a specific time to be in shape. Not everyone is born with good eyebrows, and that might reflect at later stages too. If your brow bone is arid enough, and you find yourself spending a good portion of your morning routine on your brows, then eyebrow sculpting is the thing for you. Though this professional treatment comes for huge bucks, it will sincerely help to shape your brows.

The right width and curve frames the face beautifully and boosts your confidence. If you often look at your favorite celebrity’s brows and think, “I wish I had brows like her,” then eyebrow shaping is worth the effort. Now, moving onto how the process starts.

The process gives a new shape using a sculpting gel that is followed by three elements, i.e., Threading, Waxing, or Tinting. A standard session takes about 30-45 minutes and delivers results that are waterproof and smudge-proof. The outcome usually lasts for 3-4 weeks. The most famous eyebrow shapes are mentioned below.

  • Contoured shape for oval face
  • Round-arch shape for the heart-shaped face
  • Angled peak eyebrow shape for square face
  • Oblong face goes best with a short shape
  • For the diamond-shaped look, linear eyebrow shape is the best
  • Brow with longer ends for round shaped face

This brow craze is taking a leap around the world as it has a number of benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Balances the features

Eyebrow sculpting adds a definite proportion and stability to the entire face. Generally, fuller brows compliment bold features, whereas thinner brows match small features.

  • Make the eyes look more framed

It enhances the eye frame and draws more attention to that area. Even the treatment also gives a polished and refined look to a person’s whole face, when the makeup is not applied.

  • Delivers a young look

Sculpting gives a lifted arch to the eye area and makes it more extended, which brings an active look to the entire face. But make sure that they are not extremely arched (on a 45-degree angle), as it may look severe. 

  • A new style statement

As the beauty treatment is done via different techniques, it gives a modern edge to your brow shape, and creates a style statement like a sophisticated diva.

  • Get ready for something amazing

Few of the women have balanced growth that comes into effect quickly. Once eyebrow sculpting takes process with your brows, the increase reduces gradually. Plus, it also allows a person to try on a new look every time by changing the shape of their eyebrows. 

  • Always seek a professional

The sculpting process is quite complicated as it involves tweezing, waxing, threading, and tinting. So, it is better to find a licensed aesthetician when you want to bring your brows on fleek. You can share with them about their preferences, but keep in mind, that’s only going to work with the hair you have. It may sound more natural, but in actual, it is not. Because when they are professionally shaped, there’s no chance of any mistake.

Ultimately, eyebrow sculpting has a tremendous benefit among all the beautiful facets, altogether boosting your self-esteem. Indeed, the way your brows will fit the face symmetry after this professional treatment will surely surprise you.

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