How to easily send automated messages to facebook fans

Facebook fans

Most people don’t talk about this much but it’s more than necessary for today’s age. Facebook fans are basically your customers. And customers are always right. If you don’t make sure that the fans aren’t properly attended to, then your page loses its value.

All technology is shifting towards the use of bots and AI. This is why people focus on automated messages now. However, not all know how to use the method properly. This article is going to walk you through the basic steps to not only please your facebook page fan base but be more updated according to the 21st  century!

Send Greetings using Facebook messenger

Facebook is the largest social media platform and online market, so we will be talking about it the most. Yes, the Instagram online market is growing fast too but still hasn’t become as huge as facebook one.

One easy way to send quick messages to facebook followers is user greetings. So how does it work? You simply need to go to the settings of your facebook page, enter any random message which you can fix as your automatic message, and voila! Whenever someone messages your page, your instant reply will look like this:-

Thank you for your message. As soon as our social media managers come online, we would love to tend to your queries. Stay awesome!

Use Messenger Ads to Greet People

You can use two of the following ways to interact via Facebook messenger application:

  1. Local awareness ads
  2. Specific messenger ads

Local awareness ads have limit information but the best for large pools of audience. Those of you who have a local business that you have online is dependent on your consistent interactions with your target audience. So this works pretty well to achieve that goal.

Local awareness ads work in a pretty interesting way. When you have set the geographic location on your ads that you want to reach, facebook searches for people in that area and shows your ads to them! Pretty cool, no?

You can remind your audience about promotions, send them fun facts, advertise a new product or whatever that you feel is needed.

Specific messenger ads

As the name implies, these ads are more specific. You simply have to choose a single image, video, slideshow or any kind of content. Create the ad, choose messenger as a destination and design a welcome message!

Call to action is opening to messenger combined with the ad or welcome message you want to be sent. This way, your target audience can interact with you freely whenever you want!

Send Automated Greeting Messages

The same system/bots work with Twitter followers and email contact lists as well. These are bots. When you sign up for newsletters, your Facebook followers will receive a warm, friendly welcome message that helps you in generating more leads.

When people are welcomed they feel good about you or your business and positive first interaction can lead them to become your customers. So, it is indeed a good idea to greet them with a welcome message.

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