Fat burning courses whit sporting stimulants

Do sporting stimulants burn fat? What body stimulants are best used for fat burning? Let’s start with the answer to the first question because it will help us immediately reject many others. The answer is NO!

Moreover, with the huge amount of steroids you get, besides the desired muscle mass, and unwanted water retention. And also subcutaneous fats, which inevitably accumulate with excess nutrition, which should accompany any “course” designed for mass growth. Furthermore, there is no preparation for the so-called “post-course (post-cycle therapy) when nothing is burned. Neither Masterolon (trade name – “Proviron” etc.), nor Clenbuterol, nor pharmaceutical preparations specifically designed for weight loss (for example, metformin) burn anything without dietary restrictions.

Only stimulants that are really harmful to the body, causing severe dependence and serious side effects and not related to steroids, help to burn fat. We get energy from food, and calories are expended, except for those for maintaining vital activity (brain work, breathing, heart rate, etc.), or through movement, or through mental and intellectual activity.

Therefore, people lose weight when calorie intake is limited to the level of daily energy consumption. And energy costs can only be increased by:

1. Physical activity (work, training, etc.)

2. extremely intense mental activity (intense, because mental activity is an experience, and it is stress that leads to hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases)

3. With mental work.

The only “benefit” of taking steroids for weight loss is to prevent the muscles from contracting too much with restrictive diets. This also applies to those positioned as burning fats – Clenbuterol and growth hormone.

In part, the myths about the fat-burning effect of steroids are based on the fact that for competing bodybuilders, existing steroids are conventionally divided into “drying” and “mass” preparations. For “mass” – they retain water and give you a “swollen” look, and for “drying” – they retain water much less and are used during the pre-race stage of diet and exercise. So, learn to eat right and don’t think about what injection to give to lose weight.

How often should you have to train?

You should exercise more often than when you are not taking these drugs. Drugs yourselve do not add muscle, do not branch capillaries, do not enlarge the nuclei in myofibrils, and so on.

Drugs accelerate cell division (anabolism), ie. creating new ones. And since the next workout should only be done after the trained muscle has recovered from the previous workout, the faster you rebuild the muscles and ligaments exposed to the load, the sooner you can start a new workout.

While taking steroids for recovery, you can and should exercise more often. This is why you grow faster during the course and become more resilient.

At the same time, of course, you should not forget that muscles are not just made up of oxygen, carbon and water. Muscle also needs amino acids, which are found in protein foods.

Therefore, just by training more often and using preparations, it will no longer work. It is imperative to increase your protein intake by at least 1 more time a day or increase its amount. Also follow a regime of rest and sleep if you can not increase their duration.

By following these simple rules, you can train effectively using steroids.For those “curious” people who want to see exact numbers, we will add: If your goal is a simple set of muscle mass, then one week is more than enough to train 3 to 4 times. As for strength endurance training without gaining weight, then you can train more than 4 times.

The answer is simple. You don’t have to waste so much time. Change your approach during training. Follow these simple instructions and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

P.S. Muscles do not grow during exercise but during rest. Eat more, sleep more. 3-4 workouts are enough. Also, you can buy steroids for fast and quickly recover and do much harder workouts.

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