Must-have Features in Every Airline Website

There are some features on every website that needs to be there otherwise the website is incomplete. Moreover, in any business nowadays, whether it’s car renting or providing tourism services or providing tickets, one needs to come online and maintain an online platform. Some of the must-have features that should be there in every airline website are stated in this article, and you should look for these features in all these websites as a user.

Fare calendar

Majority of the population traveling via airplane are budget conscious. An airline website should give its visitors the ability to see the fare calendar so that passengers can choose accordingly. Websites can even give the lowest fare, which is very useful for a traveler. If the dates on an adjacent day are several thousand rupees cheaper, then many are open to change their travel plans. So, a fare calendar is necessary. The airplane ticket price should be mentioned for every date.

Free cancellation

This is the major issue with many airlines and airline websites. There should be at least 24 hours ‘no questions’ asked cancellation policy. Passengers should be able to retain their fare charges of canceled within 24 hours. Sometimes passengers are not 100% sure about their travel so this feature is a great option for this kind of travelers. Apart from this, cancellation should be a simple and straightforward process.

Facilitate search and retry

Many of the websites miss on such an obvious and simple function. The airline website should allow modification of previous search criteria so that passengers can change only a few attributes and trigger a fresh search. As customer often needs to try different dates, destination, etc., the website should facilitate search and retry. This would save up a lot of inconveniences caused to passengers by re-entering all attributes again.

Option to choose add-ons

The add-ons like insurance, charity bags, relief funds or any other add-ons should not be added automatically. It can turn into a really irritating task for a passenger and bring a lot of inconvenience to a passenger. A website shall not force any visitor to check every screen and opt-out of unwanted stuff. It’s a bad practice to auto add these charges as customers will feel cheated when they realize that they have been charged for more than they asked for.

Bookings at one place

Many of the websites provide this feature but some just ignore it. A user should be able to locate all of his or her bookings at one place. The website should simply list all the bookings made in the past and present at one place. Saving the information about all your travel flights at any other place is not feasible. To see this detail, you need to enter your PNR, name, airport, etc., and then you can retrieve your complete simple list.

So, look for all these features in the website you are going to choose for your next booking for air tickets.

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