Five Best Email Encrypted Services To Use In 2019

Security has now become a paramount concern; without defense, you become more prone to fraud and theft. Reports from the Breach Level index show that there are over 2.5 billion records (unencrypted records) that get lost in cyber breaches. But, how do these hackers breach your personal things and other trade secrets? Through Emails!

Compared to modern communication methods, email is an age-old technology that comes with some limitations and age being one security barrier. However, it’s developers and researchers are making ways to improve on this technology.

Here are some web-based email services that are encrypted and will increase your level of anonymity:

What are the most secure email providers for 2019?


ProtonMail is an encrypted email service made by engineers, developers, and scientists. This service aims to increase your online privacy and security. It comes with 500 MB free storage and 150 mails per day. However, you can go for its paid option to increase the plan. It comes with the two-step verification process and easy accessibility to mobile, iOS, and Android.


  • Automatic deletion of emails though self-destructing messages 
  • Comes with report phishing option
  • ProtonMail use RAS, OpenPGP and RSA encryption

Imp*: if you are sending an email to a different email address, you will be asked to enter a password, which you want to share with the receiver.



Hushmail is Canada-based services that help to encrypt email communication. This web-based email service offer PGP-encrypted email and vanity domain service to convey automated and encrypted mails. You can give it a 14-day free trial shot and then resume paid services. Also, there are many business plans available. With Hushmail, you can use your own domain to send and receive encrypted emails. Just make sure not to make too many attempts, as the account will get locked.


  • Easy setup, just an email program is required
  • Comes with spam filtering and inbox antivirus
  • Offer open PGP encryption


CounterMail is one of the best and secure email providers that support IMAP and doesn’t keep the IP address of websites. This secure server doesn’t store emails on any hard disk. Instead, the data is stored on CD-ROMs. Using CounterMail, you can set a USB for sending/receiving encrypted mails.


  • Helps in modifying account settings
  • It supports all email filters and auto-replies
  • Comes with open PGP data encryption
  • Contain email headers that are anonymous
  • Compatible with Android phone and iOS app

Moreover, CounterMail is simple and easy to use as compared to other mail services. You get better protection against Keyloggers and brute forces


Mailbox is a Germany-based email provider that aims to provide alternative secure mail services to other webmail services that rely on customer data for revenue. It is used to implement services to receive, send, accept, and store email for end-users and other organizations.


  • Offer 30-day free trial with ten emails every day, and storage of 100MB for email
  • The business plan comes with 25 EUR per month along with central management console
  • Comes with task planner, contacts and calendar
  • Offline mode


Founded in Belgium, Maolfence works on the principle that privacy is the right, not just a feature. The prime focus of this service is transparent, as well as keeping its code open for audits.


  • The free version offers 500 MB emails, 500 MB of documents and 1,000 events calendar
  • Business plans are tailored as per your company needs
  • Comes with Contacts, Documents, Groups and other features
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Easy two-factor authentication

When it comes to encryption, nothing can beat the above secure email services. These services will also come with spam, phishing, virus scanning, malicious attackers, and other threat solutions. 

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