Forklift Certification: 5 Reasons You Should Become Forklift Certified

Forklift trucks are essential pieces of equipment that perform several tasks and promote smooth operations in sectors like manufacturing, warehousing, and construction. While forklifts are a huge asset to any warehouse, understanding their potential dangers is also important. According to OSHA, there are nearly 85 forklift deaths and 34,900 severe injuries each year because of forklift accidents.

Some of the leading causes of forklift accidents are lift truck tip-overs, forklift rolls, workers being struck, hit or crushed by a forklift, struck by falling goods, and falls from a platform on the forks. Not only injuries, but forklift accidents also cause a lot of damage and significant losses to the company.

Operators need a specific skill set and expertise to correctly drive the lift. The best way to reduce forklift-related injuries is through a training course. Here are a few reasons why operators should schedule a forklift certification course:

Improves Safety and Efficiency

Forklift accidents can not only impact operators, but also other staff in the facility. Professionally trained drivers can operate the lift efficiently and safely. The operator’s ability to transport or transfer heavy goods in a steady manner promotes a safe environment and fruitful output for the company.  

They ensure the safety factor that advantages the operation immensely. Certified forklift drivers help bring devastating stats down and create a safer work environment for everyone.

It Helps Reduce Machine Damage

An untrained driver will expose the machines to damage from mishandling, whereas a trained forklift operator safeguards not only himself and staff members, but also the business’ machines. Machines are a considerable investment for any company, and thus taking proactive steps to prevent equipment damage is essential. Forklift Training Certification Online Classes develops a proper skill set and handling techniques in operating the lift trucks, which reduce potential expenses and repairs down the line.

It’s The Law

Forklift training is mandated by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This is to be sure of workplace safety and prevent injuries. Workers could be fined by OSHA if they caught operating the truck without proper knowledge and skills. And that fine amount can be raised if the administration finds obscene negligence in the case. Forklift operators have to be 18 years of age or older, and failing to meet these rules can also result in more fines and penalties.

It Reduces A Large Amount Of Product Loss

Accidents put both workers and products in danger. Forklifts that are constantly being misused need to be repaired, which adds up to the unnecessary expenses over time. These are costly machines that must be cared for and treated in the right way to reduce substantial losses through proper training. These cost savings are a result of training, fewer accidents and downtime, and more productivity. 

It Gives You a Competitive Advantage

This is one of the biggest benefits for individuals applying for the job. Having certifications and training will definitely give you a competitive benefit over other applicants. Here are some reasons:

  • It shows that you are right for the job: When applying for a post that needs the use of a forklift, it is necessary that you have training on these units.
  • You will be hired on a priority basis: You will likely be preferred to work for a company than other applicants who have no training and certification.   
  • It shows that you are proactive: Earning OSHA certification before being hired shows your genuine care for the organization and that you are abiding the law and concern about the safety of everyone.

While human handling is eventually the key to proper use of the lift truck, being certified before using a forklift is imperative!

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