Four steps for a successful dance with digital marketing

Digital marketing, its power, and its importance in today’s world are unnecessary to explain and spend time on it because the impact that digital marketing has is huge and multi-layered.

While you are reading this text, someone is reading a text about a brand, watching a video about a product or a testimonial from satisfied customers, opening an email that targeted him as the target group of a certain brand, filling out forms on the website, checking whether online payment is available and whether there is a delivery, participates in a survey about the rating of service of a certain brand or finally clicks on the “most expensive” click – buy.

All this is digital marketing, that is, only some of its segments, without which, when you look at the examples we have given, it is difficult to develop your business and, more importantly, your relationship with clients.

Digital marketing is a must-have for almost every business today, so don’t let the idea of ​​digital marketing leave you because you think it’s not suitable for your business.

As necessary as digital marketing is, it is also flexible.

Digital marketing today is dealt with by entire companies that brands hire to do digital marketing for them, then there are entire teams that deal with digital marketing within companies, and finally, digital marketing is also used by small businesses, even if you have 5 employees.

That’s why digital marketing is great because you can adapt it to your capacities, needs, clients, and business in general.

Digital marketing is all those activities that you carry out for the sake of promoting your business online, but it can also refer to the media, i.e. portals, radio, and/or television.

What your digital marketing strategy will include is up to you, and we bring you four steps that are sure to improve your video marketing:

1. Get to know your customers and humanize your relationships with them

If you don’t know who you’re talking to or don’t target your target group, the effort, energy, and money you invest in digital marketing will be wasted. Everything starts with the target group because based on their behavior, needs, and challenges they want to solve, you will know how to set up and later adjust the digital marketing strategy. Research related to the year 2020 shows that people spend an hour and 43 minutes per day watching videos on digital channels. 

Also, when targeting your target group, personalization is key. You have to directly address your potential client because today he does not have time to collect information that does not relate to him and cannot solve some of his challenges and respond to his needs because, in the sea of ​​information, your potential client has very little attention for you. More intimate communication, i.e. personalized communication, is something that is an indisputable part of marketing today. Socially responsible business and promotion are very important, if, of course, you bring them into connection with your business, then for example a behind the scene video that will show how your products are created, interviews with your employees, with directors in a relaxed form, which is not corporate. All of these contribute to strengthening your brand and raising awareness of your brand.

2. Video Marketing

One of the most important words of digital marketing in 2022 is the video! The video can help you with the first step we mentioned, and with many others. With the myriad of platforms out there today, thousands of videos can be created and your personalized video solution for marketing is created with ease, while you focus on another part of your business. Platforms like Plainly are your little co-workers who save you money and time, and with your instructions, they create a video and many versions, as long as you want. The coronavirus pandemic certainly contributed to this, which increased online shopping and the general consumption of online content, so the trend of increasing viewing and use of video in digital marketing continues.

Video has become so important that even communication channels are adapting to it – Facebook has introduced the story option, the Instagram story has new numerous options, and sharing video content is becoming more common on the LinkedIn platform.

3. SEO optimization

The step in digital marketing that everyone recommends is SEO optimization. With the use of keywords on your site that concern your business, and which people most often type when searching for products that you have, you contribute to SEO optimization, i.e. the ranking of your site, that is, you come out first in the search, without your potential clients even knew about your site. In general, special attention should be paid to the site, because it is your identity card, that is, the identity card of your business – careful selection of content, uploading videos to the site, fast page loading, user-friendly pages, opportunities to contact you, fill out surveys, etc… all this contributes to SEO optimization and the satisfaction of your customers.

4. Social networks

Just like the website, social networks are also a mirror of your business and the way of communication and relationship with clients, because many people will first find out about you on Instagram and Facebook and only then go to your website. The advantage of social networks is the possibility of publishing different content, then the possibility of great visibility and reach, collecting useful data based on likes, comments, and general reaction of clients – when and how they react to content, what kind of content they usually see, etc… All of this is valuable for your further digital marketing strategy. The challenge with social media is that you have to be up-to-date, as the algorithms are constantly changing.

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