How To Get Rid Of Flies With A Bug-A-Salt Fly Killing Salt Gun

Getting Rid of Flies The BugASalt Way

The Bug-A-Salt is an air-powered, salt shooting, a plastic air gun designed to *safely get rid of flies. It is this year’s hottest fly removal product. *The gun does shoot a projectile pattern of salt so some care is needed not to aim at people or pets

Bug-A-Salt safely gets rid of common house flies and other flying insects… That is if by get rid of flies you mean hunt and shoot them down. This unique fly control method is the brainchild of Santa Monica artist Lorenzo Maggiore. The Bug-A_Salt safely shoots a pinch of salt, which after being released spreads in a shotgun-like pattern and kills any house flies that get in its path.

Answering the age-old question of how to kill flies without the squishy aftermath, the Bug-A-Salt shotgun is soon to be the armament of choice for the novice fly killer. Forget about the fly traps, fly tapes, fly zappers, flycatchers and toxic bug killer, you will never again have to cower in fear when house flies invade. Arm yourself with the Bug-A-Salt shotgun.

The Bug-A-Salt is a very new item hasn’t always been readily available through the inventor’s website, but there are plenty of them showing up on e-Bay these days. Unless you’re looking to buy several of the Bug-A-Salt’s, buying from an e-Bay seller will likely get the product sent to you in a more timely fashion for about the same price.

Bug-A-Salt Gun

Toss out your fly swatters, bug zappers, nasty spray cans of fly killing insecticides, sticky papers, and cyanide jars. There is no more fun way to irradicate flies with the Bug-A-Salt fly gun. It’s a Shotgun that shoots a pattern of salt at bugs and knock the out cold or dead, with no yucky guts strewn about, leaving them to be easily cleaned up… Are you ready to go to “Fly Safari”?

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How Does The Bug-A-Salt Gun Work?

The gun is a plastic pump air gun that uses the force of pneumatic pressure stored within the air reservoir to expel a perfectly measured amount of table salt. Although the impact of the salt is not harmful to pets or humans, it’s deadly to common house flies and other flying insects that get in its path. It’s actually a simple process that brings the concept of a shotgun to scale.

The dispersion pattern of the gun is identical to steel shot being expelled from a traditional shotgun. Most people are ambivalent to being spattered with a half teaspoon of salt, but the tiny salt crystals are perfectly sized to impose deadly force on the house fly.

Easy enough to use, the Gun-A-Salt needs no batteries. Simply load the gun with salt; holding up to 50 shots at a time. Slide back the pump action handle which pops up your sight, signaling the gun is ready to fire. Click off the safety aim and fire!

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