Imagine what you can do at Al Ghurair University/ A great place to start at Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University is located in one of the most financially successful cities in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in Dubai which is one of the most famous tourist spots nowadays. Al Ghurair University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Architecture and design, Business, Education and social science, Engineering and computing and Law. It comes in the top 30 best universities in the United Arab Emirates. It also offers scholarships and grants to the students applying and internships and career opportunities to the graduates. Dubai is a city full of multinational companies, so right after graduation students have a high probability to settle well in the job life.

For students, there are many more fun activities near Al Ghurair University. The university is located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. If you have a list of things that you need to do in your free time and vacations, you name it and it’ll be located in Dubai. Be it shopping, sports, restaurants, beaches, or dessert. One thing you need to cross off from your list is boredom. 

All the fun activities to do in Dubai near Al Ghurair University:

Dubai Mall:

It is the largest and most visited mall in the world, so if you are a shopaholic this is exactly the place where you need to go shopping. After getting tired from all the shopping and being low on budget, there are many activities in the mall that are free of cost. These include fashion avenue, Dubai Dino Display, Dubai Aquarium, Virtual reality indoor theme park, Human waterfalls. But the two most famous and eye-opening are the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. Burj Khalifa is the world tallest building and one of the icons of Dubai. It’s located outside the mall, exactly where the Dubai fountains are located. Thousands of tourists visit the lake in Burj Khalifa. The show starts are 7 pm and last for 5 minutes, and then plays a different song after every 30 minutes. Yes, you heard it right; all these activities are free of cost!

Mall of Emirates:

This mall includes the famous Ski Dubai which is an indoor ski resort and maintains a temperature between -1 and 2 degrees. You can go zip lining in subzero temperature, test your rock climbing skills, meet up with the penguins up close and take skiing or snowboarding lessons. Other than Ski Dubai you can bounce away at the trampoline park, enjoy a unique cinema experience that is the most luxurious in Dubai and try the ice cream at the iconic magnum store.

Jumeirah Beach:

Here you can enjoy all your water sport activities. It is home to some of the world’s best locations- Burj al Arab, which is said to be the 8th wonder of the world, Grand Jumeriah Mosque, the palm Jumeriah which is a man-made island that has luxury apartments, villas, and hotels such as palm Atlantis. A water park is located in Palm Atlantis known as the Atlantis water park, which has the world’s largest water tube.

These are all the activities that are located near Al Ghurair University, but in case of longer vacations students can go to Abu Dhabi for more fun activities and exposure. 

Other than all these activities Dubai itself is a place that will build up student’s character. Other than the best education being provided at Al Ghurair University students also get to spend time with students from around the world with different cultures. There is no better way to go grow then by being around people of different cultures. 

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