The Benefit of Using a Glass Teapot

Teapots are made of different materials, including stainless steel, glass, ceramic, clay, porcelain, and cast iron. Each of these materials has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, you must do adequate research on the material used to make the teapot you are set to buy. Well, one material we advise that you strongly consider is glass. This is because glass teapots seem to have more benefits than other materials. Here are those benefits:

Ease of Cleaning

Teapots made of other materials can be difficult to clean. But the same cannot be said about a teapot made of glass. Glass has a smooth surface, and this always makes the cleaning process a cakewalk. Ideally, most glass teapots and kettles are top-rack dishwasher-friendly. This means after you are done preparing tea, you can place your glass teapot in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. We can also argue that glass teapots are fairly easy to maintain. This is because, unlike stainless steel teapots, glass teapots will not rust. As such, you will not be forced to dry them with a kitchen towel before storage.


This is one of the major benefits of a glass teapot. Glass is inert, meaning it will not react with water or the ingredients used to prepare tea. It will also not react when subjected to heat. Besides, glass does not contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals. And this should give you peace of mind knowing that no chemicals or heavy metals will leach into your precious drink. As if that’s not enough, the glass will not change or affect the taste of your tea. It is completely safe and, therefore, highly recommended for brewing tea.

Microwave Safe

Teapots made of other materials, such as stainless steel, porcelain, and clay, will somewhat deny you the convenience to reheat your tea in a microwave. The reason being they do not microwave safe. Some of these materials, when subjected to heat from the microwave, will crack or become too hot to handle. Fortunately, this is not the Achilles’ heels of glass teapots since they can be placed in the microwave. This means when you own a glass teapot, you will enjoy the convenience of boiling water or reheating tea in the microwave. However, it goes without saying that, such parts as metal infusers and other parts made of metal must be removed prior to placing your glass teapot inside the microwave. Furthermore, you must make sure that the capacity of the microwave is large enough to perfectly fit your teapot. This will allow it to rotate more easily and freely.

Visual Experience

This is another obvious benefit a glass teapot will provide you with. As opposed to stainless steel, ceramic, clay, and porcelain, glass is transparent and, therefore, will let you see what’s going in your teapot or kettle. This eliminates the need to lift the lid of your kettle in the name of checking if your tea is ready. Ideally, lifting the lid of a teapot when the tea is brewing is not just cumbersome but can also be very dangerous. Steam builds while tea is brewing and when the lid is lifted, steam tries to escape. Well, should this hot steam hits your face, we are afraid, the result may not be a pleasant one. Luckily, your safety will not be compromised if you have a glass teapot. You will be able to see your tea change colors gradually and beautifully. Moreover, you will be able to easily choose how strong you want your tea. You will also know how much tea is remaining in the teapot. And if you enjoy brewing blooming teas, which are brightly colored, then a glass teapot is a perfect choice.

Style and Durability

Teapots made of glass give out a simple and visually pleasing look. They complement the style of any kitchen and tend to blend seamlessly with other kitchenware. Additionally, glass teapots often look exquisite on a tray when you are serving tea to your family or friends. It is also safe to say that glass teapots are durable because they normally have the same look even after years of use. They will never stain, discolor or, even when handled properly, crack.


Most people will freak out if you tell them that you want to buy a glass teapot. This is because, as many believe, glass is fragile; hence, will not last long enough. Some people even believe that glass cannot withstand heat from stoves and microwaves. But all these beliefs and claims are not always true – not when you choose a teapot or kettle made of good quality glass. Yes, the quality of glass varies, and it is important to note that you will only enjoy most of the aforesaid benefits if you choose a teapot constructed with top-notch glass. Well, top-notch glass is one that is thick enough to resist cracking, breaking as well as to withstand heat. Ideally, its sturdiness should not interfere with its fragile appearance. That is a premium quality glass.

Apart from picking a teapot made of quality glass, such as borosilicate, there are some factors you should have in mind for the ultimate glass teapot that will meet all your needs. These are the capacity, ergonomics, removable infuser, and spout design. The capacity of your teapot should be according to the number of people who will use that particular teapot. This means if the number is higher, you should consider a larger teapot and vice versa. Besides, your teapot should be ergonomically designed so you can have a super easy time handling it. It should also have a spout design to ensure mess-free pouring of tea. Ideally, in our opinion, you should always pick glass teapots with infuser. Well, the infuser can either be removable or a built-in strainer. Regardless of the type, these features help keep the leaves out of your tea, thereby, ensuring that you enjoy your tea to the fullest. You can also take things a notch higher by investing in a kettle with the whistle. These kettles will alert you when your tea is ready, thereby, promoting convenience.

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