Seeking admissions in MBA through GMAT

Admissions in MBA

This test is a computer adaptive test undertaken with the motive of assessing writing and quantitative skills in order to provide admission to students in the master’s program usually in the field of management.  GMAT coaching in Noida is the most flourishing business these days. The test requires great command over the grammar, proper knowledge of the subject of mathematics in order to succeed. The test also judges the analytical and problem-solving abilities of the candidates. It can be taken up for 5 times in a year and should not exceed 8 times. The attempts must have a gap of 16 days in between them. 

More than 7000 programs and 2300 plus institutes consider this test for the admissions to management programs worldwide. This is taken in test centers in more than 114 nations. Initially, the test began with 9 schools to select the qualified candidates but now with time the flow of students has grown manifold. In 2005, it introduced various new forms that led to judge the students on other parameters like logical reasoning, etc. The main problem is that they judge the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning skill for an MBA program which is not worth it as there must be the judgment of managerial skills of the candidates in regard to the program they opt for rather than verbal and logical skills. 

The exam is divided into 4 parts- the reasoning skills, logical skills, writing, and verbal skills. The total time allotted is 3 hours and seven minutes. It takes 30 minutes each for writing and reasoning part and 62 minutes for quantitative and 65 minutes for the verbal part. The format is multiple choice and is a computer-based test. In the beginning, they are presented with average difficulty level questions. As the questions are answered correctly the difficulty level increases. In case answers provided are incorrect the computer presents the questions of decreasing difficulty. 

  • Writing section: In this, a rating is given to the essays attempted by the candidates. One rating is given by the computer and another is given by the person from the council of the authority who is conducting the tests. This is rated on a scale of 0-6. 
  • Reasoning section: This is undertaken in order to provide answers to multiple questions in multiple formats. These scores range from 1-8. This section is scored separately from all the other sections of the test. 
  • Quantitative section: There are 2 types of questions in this- problem-solving and data sufficiency. The use of calculators is not allowed here in this section. The calculations are to be done on the laminated graph paper provided to them at the center. Scores for this section range from 0-60. 
  • Verbal section: This includes reasoning, reading comprehensions and sentence completions. Each question has 5 options to be selected from. Usually, the scores range from 0-60.

The applicants are required to take professional guidance and coaching from institutes that provide GMAT Coaching In Noida. Various test papers and reference books can also be used for the preparation of the exams

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