GMAT prep tests by Experts’ Global – Exceptionally effective prep tool

The mock tests are, by and large, the final step of GMAT preparation. They are what will form the base of your approach to the GMAT, on the day of the exam. It is very important that you practice giving the exam with reliable mock tests. This is why you should carefully consider all factors related to the mock tests when you select a GMAT online program.

These factors include the overall difficulty and complexity of the tests, of course. However, it is just as important that the tests be in-sync with the type of questions that will be asked on the GMAT, itself. Scoring must also be in-sync, for obvious reasons. There should also be a healthy analytics system so that you will be able to gain greater insight into your own progress.

Of all the well-known GMAT practice tests, Experts Global’s is probably number one. You can take a free GMAT practice test, from Experts’ Global, on their website.

Number of Tests

Experts’ Global’s mock test series includes the maximum number of full-length tests, 15. Experts’ Global’s approach to GMAT prep involves having their students give a great number of tests, regularly, so that they can build up the type of stamina needed to give an exam for 3.5 hours, at maximum concentration.

Quality of Questions

The questions on Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock tests are very in-sync with the GMAT’s. They match the GMAT’s perfectly, in terms of complexity, the scope of testing, content tested, etc. What’s more, Experts’ Global has also taken great care to design a testing interface that is equally in-sync with the GMAT’s. It has the same full-screen environment, the same controls, and even graphics that make it look quite a bit like the GMAT. Thanks to this, the students can also get a strong sense of what to expect on the day of the final GMAT.

Representative Scoring

Since the GMAT scoring algorithm is not publicly known, mock test makers must find a way to approximate it. Experts’ Global has done very well, in this area, their scoring system is so accurate to the GMAT that over 500 of their students have declared that their Experts’ Global’s mock, near perfectly predicted their final scores. This is a critical point, as accurate scoring is very important, in order to be able to measure one’s progress.


This test prep package also includes a very efficient performance analysis software. After every mock, the software breaks down the student’s performance for them, displaying exactly how they did both overall and per every section. It also tells them exactly how long they took in each section.

Other Resources

In addition to the above, Experts’ Global’s test prep package also includes a number of resources, geared towards self-study. All of the mock questions have dedicated videos that provide highly detailed solutions, in case the student cannot solve them. Even if they can, the videos are still useful as the solutions provided are incredibly time-efficient. Experts’ Global students also have access to a ten-part e-book series on sentence correction. Those e-books are one of the most complete resources on GMAT sentence correction that there are.

Experts’ Global’s mock test series is the best one, by virtually every metric and even has a number of features designed to make in exceptionally student-friendly.